Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A quick sneaky!

I have a little sneak peek of some Webster's goodies to be released at CHA in a few weeks!!!
Ya all wanna see? I am guessing you said yes :)

So here it is check it out!

You can check out more little sneaks at the Webster's Pages blog at http://www.websterspages.typepad.com/.

And if you haven't already checked it out head on over to Webster's official site inspireME. Lots of amazing layouts and projects up in the gallery over there and it is a fun friendly site to hang out at.

In other news:

Zoe started swimming lessons this week. We opted for private lessons which cost twice as much as the regular ones but sooo worth the money. It is great to have all that one on one time. BUT this afternoon I got a call from someone at that college saying that they are having to cancel the whole first session of swimming lessons due to the new floor they had put in around the pool. It is super slippery and the lady said they had 6 people fall down today on it. Soooo, no swimming lessons until they get that fixed. Zoe was pretty bummed to hear that her swimming lessons were canceled but I guess it is better than slipping and breakin your bum huh!

John and I bought a new bed and it was delivered today so I am totally looking forward to going to sleep tonite on a soft cushy bed.

Today I scrapped Zoe's birthday picture which is a miracle in itself. I can't share it with you just yet cause it is for Bad Girls but I will post it when we get the go ahead :) Just the past couple months have I scrapped her previous birthdays. Here are a few of them.

I am still trippin over the fact that I have a 7 yr old. It seems impossible.

I hope you are all taking down notes for your fave things this week for Fave Five Friday! I have a few things down on my list already :)

Have a great night!


kirstypiper said...

Those LOs are great! I have lots of trouble scrapping birthdays.

Looooove Websters Pages stuff! I am off to check it all out :-)

Renee Lamb said...

ummm..I. LOVE. WEBSTER PAPERS. And the new line looks YUUUMMMY. bummer about the swim lessons but at least no one will crack their heads open. And I love those layouts!

Anna Sigga said...

The sneaks look so yummy - can't wait to see more!!
And thanks for the congrats girlie - you are too cute!

Audrey Pettit said...

Such cute pages, Dena!! Why, oh why do kids grow up so fast, huh?
Thanks for the tip on the perfume. I hope I can track it down out here.
Oh, and it's November 22 ;)

Anonymous said...

your pages are amazing!

just wanted to say thanks for leaving comments on our blog and being one of the first to check out our kit. also, since you were so kind to leave us a comment, we wanted to let you know that kits are now on sale and going quick! thanks again for visiting and we hope to see you back soon! www.paperminx.com

-the minxes :)

ania said...

Ooh such a cute bdaygirl..looking forward to see the newest layouts soon!! :) Hm I need to jot down my faves..I will try! I've been all about sceduling posts lately to save time, Im such a blognerd haha. 7 year olds are cute, I have one myself =)

Audrey Pettit said...

Hey Dena! Thanks for the link! I had found that website yesterday in my searches, too. The price seemed good, but the shipping is sorta high. I'm going to see if I have any luck locally. Thanks for your help!

Neil & Kelly said...

I love the webster papers. Very feminine!

The layouts are adorable. What kind of lettering is that on the #5 birthday page? I love it!

Sorry about the swimming lessons. At least she won't fall down, break her crown and not be able to swim at all. I know. I'm Pollyanna!

foxylady said...

OK so I am Kirstys Mum alias ginnysspot and I have just been directed to your page..Its great.