Friday, August 22, 2008

Five Faves Friday the Aug 22nd edition!

Ok playdate is over and I still have about 10% of my sanity left LOL
Without further adieu my fave list:
#1. Zoe finally learned to swim this week. Out there on her lil own. I thought it would never happen and probably wouldn't have if she didnt have a cousin to show off for. We were swimming at my mom's pool and we had some cousins over as well and Zoe just had to prove to cousin Cierra that she could indeed swim and off she went. She did a great job. Cousin Aaliyah swam on her own for her first time as well :)

#2. ESSN Sparking Fuji Apple Juice- This was one of those great lil finds from Grocery Outlet. You never know what you are going to see (literally) food wise or crazy people wise but we picked up a few of these juices and they are FANTASTIC! PLUS the design on the can is awesome. I have to try scraplifting it somehow. They have a wide array of flavors such as Blood Orange and Cranberry (which was a bit bitter but would have been really great with some vodka in it LOL), Minneola Tangerine and Meyer Lemon (bit bitter as well but still pretty dang good)!

#3. Comedy Central Roast of Bob Saget- OK I hate Bob Saget, he drives me up a bloody wall. Zoe's favorite show right now is Full House and we have to watch it EVERY DAY! But the roast of Bob Saget aka Danny was pretty damn hilarious. Gilbert Gottfried who normally annoys the heck out of me, made me laugh so hard I thought I was going to pee my pants. Chloris Leachman cracked me up as well. Anyone else watch this, or was I the only sad viewer? LOL

#4. The movie The Notebook- I read this book years ago and totally forgot that there was even a movie made about it. It was on TV the other night so I recorded it and watched it a few nights ago. Rarely do I ever think that movies are as good as the books, but this movie was every bit as wonderful as the book. I laughed, I sighed, and of course I cried like a baby at the end. If you haven't read the book yet you can purchase it here at Amazon! Sooo very romantic *sigh*

#5. My Scrappy Fave of the Week- is an oldie but a goodie. KI Memories Lace Cardstock! I just love this stuff. So very versatile, it goes with about any other product out and it is just plain cool! I am DYING to get my hands on their new Sheer Delights... Good stuff, good stuff!

I have a few shout outs for several of my scrappy friends who have had HUGE successes lately.

1st- Congrats to one of my favorite people Anabelle O'Malley for becoming a MEMORY MAKERS MASTER! I am so stinking thrilled and happy for her. Seriously never a truer and kinder soul will you ever know. And talented beyond belief!

Next Huge congrats to my friends Ania and Emeline for both winning MMM runners up! Such a great achievement and both of them are so fresh and funky with their scrapping. Huge inspirations to me and I am proud to have worked with both of them!

And last but certainly not least the fabulous Tracie Hudson for being added to Sassafras Lass! She will do such an amazing job for them and they are so very lucky to have her :)

What a fantastic week this has been for so many friends :) I am just thrilled for you all.

So there is my list. I have been working on a few things that I will be able to share with you next week. I hope you all have a great weekend!

Five Faves Friday

Will be posted a little bit late today.
Zoe has a friend who is coming over in half an hour. eek! So I have to hop in the shower.
BUT for those of you who have posted your Five Faves, link up so I can read them later today! I can't wait to see who all posts :)

have a fabulous morning and I shall be back shortly!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Award Day!

This week I got this award from Leslie, Kirsty and Marisa! Makes me happy to know that at least 3 people read this poor lil blog of mine.

The rules for the award are - (1) The winner can put the logo on their blog. (2) Link the person you received your award from. (3) Nominate at least 7 other blogs. (4) Put links of those on yours. (5) Leave a message on the blogs of the people you’ve nominated .

Sooo. Here we go and I am going to try to pick people that haven't already gotten the award. So sorry if I end up giving you one and you have already gotten it.

#1. Tammy Kay- I love this girl and she is going through some hard times right now. I have been thinking about you a ton lately Tammy! Hugs girl!

#2. Dani Flanders- Who DOESN'T love her blog. She gets more hit in one day than I have on my blog since its inception LOL

#3. Mary Grace- said it before but she is my new fave blog to read right now. ALWAYS has amazing stuff posted.

#4. Corina Nieslen- have to have a digi girl represented. Her blog cracks me up and her sense of humor is infectious. Plus she has amazing design talent out the wazoo!

#5. is another Nielsen but my friend Sheila- She is an INCREDIBLE photographer and every time I check out her blog I am both humbled and inspired by her pictures. Plus her baby is one of the cutest EVER!

#6. Michelle Clement- this girl has more talent in her little pinky than I ever hope to have. It is always fun to check her blog and see what she is up to!

#7. Jamie and her baby blog- Love seeing lil Miss Grace in all her beauty!

Ok so there are a few of my fave reads!

I have no scrappy goodness to share with you as of yet. I have had little to no time to scrap lately. I seriously have got to clean up my scrap space so I actually can get some work done.

Well that is all she wrote for now. Sorry it isn't very inspiring BUT check out the links and I am SURE you will find some inspiration on the blogs I posted!

Happy Tuesday all, until next time!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Five Faves Friday!!!

WOO HOOO! Back on board the Five Faves Friday train. I am starting right off with my list, which is going to be a combination of last weeks faves and this weeks.

#1. Ok so this is totally old news now but the opening ceremonies for the Olympics were insanely awesome! I was skeptical about the Olympics in general I guess, but WOW talk about innovative ideas. It is impossible to watch that and NOT be inspired to create something.

#2. Also old news, but the season ending episode of My Boys last week left me literally gasping out loud. Dorky I know ,but I did. It reminds me of how I acted when watching 90210 in high school LOL. Except I don't have my friend Jamie nearby to discuss the entire episode from beginning to end. Ohh and I totally have a crush on the cute new guy (Jack) on the show as well!If you haven't watched the show but think you might want to...guess what, you can watch the episodes online!

#3. Watching my man play drums. I rarely get to do this anymore and Zoe hardly ever gets to see her Daddy play the drums. But we were able to see him play 2 times in 3 days. NEVER has that happened before. Here is a pic of Zoe and Daddy at the drums.

#4. Strawberry Limeades from Sonic- My brand new fave drink. It is embarrassing to say how many times I have gone to Sonic since it's grand opening here a few weeks ago. But it is ALOT. I could drink one of these babies every day. Soo sooo stinking good!

#5. Scrappy Fave of the Week- Heck I haven't done any scrapping for about 2 weeks at least, so this week I will post one of my new favorite scrappy blogs- Momentary Bliss. I love Maria Grace's style and her site is beautiful. So I have been stalking her blog lately. Check it out if you haven't yet.

So there they are. Quite pictureless but a Faves post nonetheless. As always, if you post a five faves list today, don't forget to come share the link. I love reading everyone's lists and I found out that we have another friend who has joined the bandwagon and has been posting for quite a while now as well. So check out Joanie's blog today for her five faves:

I do have a couple small scrappy things to share. I made these two cards a couple a weeks ago using the new Webster's Pages journaling cards and Inspired lines. Thought I would share them with you.

This was the first time I have EVER used a sewing machine, so don't laugh too hard. Those are some crooked crooked lines. I love the new Inspired journaling notecards that Terri has designed. Aren't they beautiful!

This was a save the date reminder for a wedding that I attended a few weeks ago. It was a beautiful wedding and Zoe had a blast. I think this was the first wedding she has been to.

Also, don't forget my challenge this month at the inspireME site! You still have 2 weeks left. I would love to see some more entries in the gallery :)

Have a fabulous weekend. Tomorrow is a Wine Festival I am hoping to go to for a few hours tomorrow if it isn't 110 degrees outside. Crazy Oregon weather. Take care!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Long time no see!

Sheesh. This past week and a half have been so busy here lately. I haven't had any time to come and update this poor blog. I can't believe I missed my 5 Fave Fridays post. But alas, there just hasn't been the time. But tomorrow I will have a post for sure :)

Here are a few scrappy updates going on:

Paper Trunk is hosting its monthly TDOM guest designer challenge for the September! Would you like to be a guest designer for Paper Trunk? Here is the challenge:

We have a challenge this month that is inspired by the newest Paper Trunk product, coming very soon! We are still keeping the product a secret, but we will give you a hint with this challenge. Our challenge for you is to complete a layout that really shows off your journaling. You can be as creative as you would like, but your layout must include at least 15+ words of journaling. There was a hint there....yep! Our new product has something to do with journaling!!
You are not required to use Paper Trunk products for your submission, but we would love to see them! The deadline for submissions is August 24th at 11:59 pm PST. Please upload all submissions to the
Paper Trunk Showcase, under September Journaling Challenge. Please include your full name on your submission.

The Paper Trunk newsletter has gone live and our Guest Designer for the month of August is none other than Stephanie Howell! You can see some of her layouts in the newsletter as well :) I loved her 27 months layout on page nine. totally cute!

I think that is all for the latest Paper Trunk updates.

Tomorrow I shall be back on track with my 5 Faves. Anyone else care to join in?
Have a happy Thursday all and see you soon.

Monday, August 4, 2008

A Challenge

It is August and that means it is my turn to host our monthly challenge at the inspireME site.

Since the site is all about inspiration and creativity, I wanted to issue a challenge based on what inspires YOU.

I created a layout about a few things that inspired me recently. My friend Pam had given me some magazines and they were chock full of beautiful colors and ideas. I snipped a few of the more interesting pieces out and made a layout with them.

Participation is easy: simply create a layout about what inspires you that uses Webster's Pages products and has the word INSPIRE on it. For more information check out the THREAD with all the information on it! So what are you waiting for? Come join the fun!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Five Faves Friday and Bad Girls Aug Kit goes live!

Yes I did it! Scrapped about 5 Fave Fridays :) I used the August Bad Girls kit with that killer Hambly overlay. I loooved that puppy. Wish I had a few more. And if you peek closely enough there is a little shout out to Kirsty, Kelly and Pam. The 5 fave fridays sidekicks! Love ya girls ;)

Here are a couple of close up shots. I really love the K&Co. Chipboard frames!

So on with my list for the week and then I will post the rest of my layouts for Bad Girls!

#1. I finally beat a song on EXPERT level on Guitar Hero Aerosmith edition! I know it is sad and pathetic when beating a video game at the highest level is the highlight of your week LOL. Maybe I should get out of the house more often. I think my nephew would be proud though Ha!

#2. Annie Hall- I watched this movie for the first time night before last and LOVED IT. I don't know what it is about Woody Allen movies, for all intensive purposes he is just gross to look at but he is freakin hilarious and his movies are so smart and clever. And this was the movie that started it all. If you haven't seen it yet, check it out.

#3. Another movie- Into the Wild. This movie was based on a true story about a college student named Christopher Candless who takes off on some journey of self exploration across America, ending in Alaska. A really well scripted movie and the acting was incredible. The main character was played by Emile Hirsch and he is EASY ON THE EYES!

#4. Zoe went off the diving board finally! She has had some trepidation about jumping off of it for some reason this summer. She literally RAN off of it last year. No qualms or second thoughts. But this summer has been a little different. My mom came to watch and Zoe pulled it off. The people in the bleachers were cheering for her. It was a proud Momma moment. I will refrain from posting a picture due to the fact she is in a swim suit, but she did great :)

#5. Scrappy Fave of the week- I am kinda torn between two things. I mentioned that I really loved the K&Co. scroll chipboard frames but I have also been digging into my stamps this week and actually using them.

And speaking of layouts. Here is the August Main Kit for Bad Girls!

Here is what I did with the beautiful Paradise Cove kit :)

This one is called Times Like These. I used the lyrics from a Foo Fighters song. Wendy hand made the beautiful toile tag as a little thank you gift for the girls this month. And if I couldn't love K&Co. any more well this paper just made me fall that much harder for them ;)

here are the close ups:

My next layout was our challenge layout for the month and it was to scrap one of our Goals. My goal is to design scrapbook product.

The Bad Girls stamp this month is a beautiful mermaid designed by Cari Fennell. Since Zoe always reminds me of the Little Mermaid, I did a layout about her swimming lessons. Cari did such a great job on this stamp. Loved it girl!

My last project is a wall hanging that I gave as a gift for a friend who is getting married tomorrow. The top and bottom tags are for small pictures of the bride and groom and then the middle is for them to write a portion of their vows on.

Take a peek at what the other Bad Girls did with the kit! I was floored at the beautiful creations everyone came up with.

Happy First Day of August everyone. Can you believe it is August already? AHHHH! I can't.

Like always, if you decide to Catch The Fever and post a 5 faves today link me up ok! I would love to see them :)

Check back later this weekend where I will be posting my challenge for August at the Webster's Pages inspireME site!