Wednesday, June 11, 2008


School's Out For Summer!!! Yes!

Well I say that now of course but guaranteed in about two weeks I will be saying to myself "Is it time for school to start yet?". And yes I did take this sweet picture of Alice Cooper all by my wee self. He came to our fair a couple of years ago and John and I were in the 3rd row. I was really skeptical about how the concert was going to go but it was a BLAST! I got some amazing pictures with my cheapie camera. Sometimes I forget how good my lil Kodak really is. But anyways, I am rambling and digressing!

So school is out. The kids had an amazing day yesterday and I am still in recovery. Being the horrid mother that I am, I did not get ONE SINGLE PICTURE of my child on her last day of school! Can you believe that? I was so busy helping out that I didn't get the opportunity to even snag a dang picture. But I have all those memories stored right up in my ol noggin.

Zoe says her favorite part of yesterday was: winning the obstacle course (a big bouncy castle dealie) two times in a row. The blow up obstacle course was HUGE and the slide was even bigger. I did not know they even made blow up slides this huge. But of course, no pictures to show you all. Major kudos to all the people who put forth their time and effort to organize such a great event for our school.

On the scrap side of things. I was able to get a layout done using the sketch that I posted a few days ago. Audrey did an amazing job with this sketch and I had a lot of fun scrapping with it. Here is my layout. It is a pretty literal interpretation. I had a really hard time getting a decent picture of this sucker but if you look really close you should be able to tell that it is on Bazzill scallop shaped cardstock. I am addicted to that cardstock right now. I handstitched the lines hence the lovely crookedness of it all. I used Webster's Pages Feather Your Nest line on this layout. I can't get enough of it. It really is beautiful and easy to work with! I added my new fave embelly for the past week or so in the form of Prima fancies (glittery flowers!) So grab up any Webster's products you have and play along too!

This next layout is one that I made using my friend Marcie's wedding picture. I owe her a whole album and am so excited to get a chance to work with her amazing pictures! This was just a warm up layout to get the creative juices flowing. She looked so beautiful and elegant that day! Once again, there is the scallop edged Bazzill cardstock (told you I love it!) and another one of my faves, Collage Press papers! They are trying to get their new website up and running but I am really excited to see what they are going to release at CHA in a couple of weeks. Also there are some beautiful little pearl embellies alongside the picture that you can hardly see in this pic, but they really went well with the whole wedding theme. So Ree, if you are out there, I hope you like this first layout girl!
Well the shower and the dishes are calling my name right now. Along with Zoe screeching to get on the stupid computer. It has begun already LOL!


Sri said...

Dena, oh gosh! I love Alice Cooper. He's scary looking but a softie inside.

Anyway, you wont believe this. You mentioned a Top 100 80s music list. Guess what? Whilst looking for 80s music to put on my playlist, I googled Top 100 80s music and found some list. LOL...

Jamie & Aaron said...

I thought that wedding picture looked familiar. Can't wait to see more of them with my hottie sister and bro-in-law as the models.

carrie*postma said...

YEAH! Happy Summer to you :0)
GREAT layouts....

*Beatriz Jennings* said...

Beautiful work! :)