Tuesday, September 30, 2008

An invitation for you!

To come and join us at the inspireME site for Webster's Pages tomorrow night at 7pm PST!
We are going to be chatting it up online, having some fun give aways and I also heard that there will be a sneak peek of some midreleases we will be having. I can't WAIT to see those myself!

So please feel free to join us tomorrow and have some fun! For more information please check out this POST by Terri!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Wanna peek?

Here is a little sneaky of the October Bad Girls kit. Some really great colors in this particular kit. Thought I might share a few sneakies ;)

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend. Mine has been rather uneventful as of yet, but am totally ready to watch some football tomorrow.

Until then,

Friday, September 26, 2008

Five Faves Friday

Good afternoon all! Late getting my five faves up but I was actually out and about having coffee with a friend this morning. I think this is some kind of record for me to have seen 4 different actual adults in one week LOL. That is alot for this homebody!

Ok Five Fave this week

1. THE OFFICE is BACK- THANK GOD! I love this show, have been waiting all dang summer for it to come back on and was anxious (stupid, I know but true) about whether or not Jim was going to propose to Pam.

2. Babies- I finally got to meet my friend Jamie's most precious lil one Grace. She was so sweet and cute as can be. I will baby sit this munchkin any time Jame. And yes I stole the photo off your blog LOL! Too lazy to go upload my own.

And our dear friend Lisa finally gave birth to her son who was I don't even know how late and she had a 68 hr labor! Yes you read that right, 68 hours people! My new hero. So congrats to Lisa and Cam for their new precious miracle.

3. Maple Crunch bagels from the Bagel Tree- We have this little hole in the wall bagel store here and before heading out to meet with Jamie and Grace I picked up some bagels for us to much on, and they were pretty dang tasty. I will definitely have to go back again next week and get another one.

4. Being able to wear my cute coats once again- Although I am not quite ready for Fall to be here, I have to admit that it has been nice to be able to wear my cute coats again. I have a sick obsession with little jackets and coats and have been going thru my rotation this week.

5. Scrappy Fave of the week- Prima Felt Matties. I just picked some up and they are ADORABLE! I may have to go back and get some more of the other styles.

So there is my list- boring and drab, I know. This was a week that I struggled to write down my list during the week. That helps me out a ton.

As always, hook a sister up if you post a list today or any time this weekend (just because you miss on a Friday, doesn't mean you can't post on a Saturday!) and check out the blogs on my Five Faves sidebar! It has been so great to see other people playing along and sharing their favorite things for the week. Such a wonderful way to learn more about your friends and discover some cool stuff while you are at it!

Have a fabulous Fall weekend!

Monday, September 22, 2008

D to the X time.

Design X is up today!

First off congrats to Nancy Jones for rocking her random word VOCIFEROUS! I think I would have cried had I drawn that word! But Nancy showed VOCIFEROUS who was boss and is going to be getting a fabulous WEBSTER'S PAGES prize pack!!!

Here is this weeks challenge posted by beautiful Amy Coose:

In what way(s) do you indulge your self?

Here is my indulgence: A cup of coffee whilst grocery shopping. I hate grocery shopping and find a bit of coffee helps me make it thru the aisles without having to bodily harm someone in the process!

Your turn to share your indulgence with us at DesignX and check out our guest designer this week too, Waleska Neris! She has the cutest layout up there and seems to have a shoe fetish like I do. Amy and Leslie have gorgeous layouts posted as well!

I mentioned Webster's Pages earlier and we are going to be having our first online chat at our ning site inspireME on Wednesday Oct 1st at 7pm PST. So mark your calendars and come have some fun with us ;)

This momma has some layouts to scrap and a house that is in desperate need of a good cleaning. So enjoy your Monday and if you stop by today, SAY HI :)

Friday, September 19, 2008

Five Faves Friday on Saturday

And yet another Friday has come and gone! I swear the weeks have just been flying now that school has started.
Ok on with the show.
Five Faves for the week:

1. Last night on the Smithsonian Channel I watched a show called Portrait of an Artistic Genius about Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai who was born in 1760 and died in 1849. He was a prolific wood block print artist most famous for his series on Mt. Fuji. I was just blown away by how talented this man truly was and the vision and perspective that he used in his artwork which was totally unheard of at the time. The show dissected his work and how he would achieve the look of certain wood block prints, they showed it layer by layer. One print in particular called the Great Wave of Kanagawa, they spotlighted his attention to detail in the talon like fingers of the wave and then dissected it further by having a photographer take repeated pictures of actual waves and sure enough side by side the real life picture and the print that Hokusai painted were almost dead on.

OK enough of a lecture from me LOL, I just found this show incredibly interesting and inspiring. If you happen upon it WATCH IT!

#2. Rogue Brewery Mocha Porter- this beer is like heaven in a bottle. We ate at the Rogue Brewery when we went to the coast for vacation and their menu was huge and diverse. Both food and BEER menu. I couldn't believe all the different kinds of beers they had on tap. I had a Chocolate Cream Stout while we where there and picked up the Mocha Porter at the grocery store last week. TASTY!

#3. Top 100 songs from the 80's on VH-1- If you can't tell by my playlist, I loooove music from the 80's. However, I do not agree that Livin on a Prayer should be #1.?!?!?! There is a plethora of songs that could have been chosen but it is always fun to watch and laugh and drool at how cute Simon LeBon is!

#4. Ohhh I got new curtains at Pier1 this week. I have been looking for curtains for a very long time and I finally found the PERFECT set. I will take a pic once I have them up in all their glory!

#5. Scrappy Fave of the Week-Basic Grey's Offbeat line. YUM YUM YUM!! These 3 in particular are just gorgeous! I love the color scheme and the designs are right up my alley.

Well there is my list. As always if you posted a list Fri or heck today like me, link me up so I can partake in the fun and share with others!

Have a great rest of the weekend!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

In Thursday's Trunk

The In The Trunk newsletter is up and posted today! We featured the newest addition to the Trunk family.....JOTS! So many great ways to use these cute embellishments. Here are the ways that I used them:

I cut the Jot in half and used part for journaling and the other half for an embellishment. And this circle patterned paper is one of my all time favorite PT papers! love it!

Who do you want to be? features the other style of Jots. I love the large floral shape and there is just the right amount of space in between lines as well! I like that :)

Come check out the newsletter and our guest Designer Danielle Holsapple!

Have a great Thursday all and tomorrow.....well you should all know by now what tomorrow is. I don't have to remind you right?!?!

Til then!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

eXperiment time!

This week is my debut at the Design eXperiment blog. I am super excited to join some of my greatest friends Leslie, Amy and Kimberly and get to work with them all in one place! And I am anxious to get to know the other designers as well!

The challenge this week is:

Close your eyes, open the dictionary, and point to a word. Does your word mean anything special to you? Why? Remember! NO CHEATING! HEHEHE! We all used the first word we got...and some of us got super lucky with our words...maybe you will open the dictionary, and find a word you've never seen....(See? We're fun AND educational up in here!)

When I initally got this challenge I was excited and then kinda freaked when I realized I DON'T OWN A DICTIONARY!!! Can you believe that. If I have one it is buried in a closet somewhere. So I went to dictionary.com (real original huh!) and used the word of the day there. It gave me COSMOPOLITE. What a fun word to scrap. Here is my layout:

Here is my journaling: I have never been much of a "country" livin girl, even though I live in a town of only 23,000 people. But I am not a big city girl either. I love to go and visit Portland and Seattle, places like that, but I know that I would never be able to call those towns home. While Roseburg is tiny, there is nothing to do here, we have to do any real shopping out of town, this is home. Where I will raise my family. Where it is safe, comfortable. Now maybe a move is on the horizon and we will move on to bigger and better things. But for now, I will be a little city girl with a big city heart.

I used Anna Griffin paper for the background, printed my word with definition onto Prima Mary Jane paper, layered a Karen Russell Narrative sticker over the top and used an American Craft sticker that was from my September kit at Bad Girls.

This challenge was really fun! Why not try it and link us up on the blog http://www.thedesignx.blogspot.com/! We can't wait to see what word you come up with!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Five Faves Friday!!!

Ahhhhh Friday! I have been looking forward to the weekend all week long. I am not a morning person, people, not a morning person at all.

Ok 5 Faves List, here we go:

#1. HBO- THANK GOD FOR HBO! I never really understood the whole hotel "we have HBO" thing until we got HBO! Then I fully grasped the concept of if I am on vacation and in a hotel and Sopranos is going to be on I MUST WATCH IT LOL. Anyways, Entourage had its season debut and a new show True Blood (woo hooo vampires!) had its pilot air this week. Entourage did not disappoint as per usual and True Blood looks like it is going to have some potential. A bit cheesy on the acting scale but I can deal with that I think.

#2. Ok this might gross a few of you out, but since I am eating one, I love the McD's Mcskillet burrito. These things are tasty. I am also addicted to the sausage biscuits.

#3. My mom gave me a ton of books to read and turned me on to John Saul. He is a NW writer and his books are pretty scary and dark, think along the lines of Dean Koontz mixed with a bit of Stephen King. Anyways, I have read 2 of his books this week and have liked them both. It has been nice to switch it up a bit.

#4. Fresh pears from my pear tree. We had some with dinner last night and it was one of the best pears I have ever had. I also had bought a few at the fruit stand the other day and they weren't nearly as tasty as my own pear. Now if I only I could find a decent peach somewhere.

#5. Scrappy Fave of the Week-Making Memories Itty Bitty Alphas. I think I have probably already had them as a scrappy fave of the week, I can't remember, but if that is so it is testament to the fact that I can't scrap without these guys. They are a STAPLE scrap supply,in my opinion, and I was shocked to find them in my crappy Michaels. So I had to get some.

That's my list for the week. And I never got around to making a stinkin blinkie this week. sigh. Maybe that is what I will work on today.

Oh guess what? I found ANOTHER 5 Faves poster, none other than Kirsty Pipers MOM! How fun that both mother and daughter are doing 5 Faves lists! Here she is with her post- Ginny's 5 Fave list.
Anyone post a list today? Link me up!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A little somethin' somethin'

Ok I am on my way to go meet a friend for coffee BUT I have to share this blog/website that I found via my threadbangers newsletter this morning. I think this blog moves up to the top of my list of faves now!! I can't wait to get back and check it out even further.

So what is this amazing blog that has me enraptured?
HOW ABOUT ORANGE by Jessica Jones.
Tons of inspiration and links to cool downloads and orange orange everywhere!

Have fun taking a peek at this today and make sure to download the killer stamp font she has linked on her blog from dafont! I can't wait to use these!!

Ok I am off to chat it up with Judi and sip some tasty coffee!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Five Faves Friday!!!

TGIFFF! Thank God it's Five Faves Friday!
This week has been a fabulous week so it was so hard to narrow down from all the things I loved. But here are the top that helped me make it thru!

#1. Zoe being so happy in school this week. What a relief and blessing that has been. It is so great to see her wanting to go to school and to hear all about her day when she gets home from school. That has made my week one of the best EVER!

#2. Good reads in the form of Dean Koontz's Frankenstein! I love Dean Koontz books and my mom gave me the first 2 in this series to read. Scary, suspenseful and of course extremely well written. One of those books that you just can't put down. If you love Dean Koontz books or are a fan of scary novels, I highly urge you to try these out :)

#3. The snack that has gotten me thru the week- my big ol bag of Mini Mix candy bars, 3 Musketeers, Milky Way, Snickers oh my! and a second treatie- saltwater taffy from the coast. We bought not 1 but 2 bags and both of them are almost completely gone. I am a sucker for the peppermint, cinnamon, butter, yes butter flavored and lime. Heck give me any saltwater taffy other than licorice and I am going to like it.

#4. Gilmore Girls- I can't believe I said that! It's like this, have you ever had one of those shows that you watch and you don't even know why you watch it (like Designing Women LOL), well this is one of those shows. Zoe loves to watch Full House in the mornings and Gilmore Girls comes on right before it, so I was always catching the tail end of the show. I guess this piqued my interest because now I am taping the damn thing to see what happens every day! I feel like I need to go back to the beginning to see how it all started.

#5. my scrappy fave of the week- the newest addition to the Paper Trunk family JOTS! Carrie has designed the cutest little journaling tags, check these out!

Aren't these just adorable. They are made from 100% recyclable material. They are good and sturdy and I had a lot of fun playing with them yesterday. Be looking for our newsletter this month to see these embellies in action. And congrats to Danielle Holsapple our TDOM for September. She had an amazing entry for our journaling challenge and I am thrilled to have her aboard for the month!

I have a 2nd fave of the week as well. I can't leave out American Crafts Moda Bella papers. They are every bit of gorgeous that I thought they would be and the colors are so incredible to work with. You can not look at this paper and be angry at the same time. Instant mood elevators they are ;)

So there you have it. My 5 faves this week. Are you making 5 Faves lists? Do you want to be added to my 5 Faves sidebar, let me know and link me up. I am going to try my hand at making my first blinkie next week.

Have a wonderful weekend all. My friend Marcie and I are heading to a wine festival tomorrow and I am so looking forward to that. I am sure that something from there will end up on my 5 fave list next week ;)

Happy Friday and Happy Birthday to my friend ANIA, hope it's a great one girl!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Yeah I have nothing for a title today folks. LOL
Great news: Zoe had a fabulous 2nd day of school and got 3 panther paws for good behavior! I am so very proud of her this week. Just had to share that.

Here are a few layouts I did this week using some KI goodies. I looove KI lace cardstock. Still anxiously waiting for their Sheer Delights to be released. I can't wait to play with those.

Look Tina, MULTIPHOTOS on BOTH layouts! My friend Tina was giving me a hard time about how I only scrap single photo layouts LOL. I managed 2 multis in one sitting ;) And once again I couldn't get a decent shot of either layout. Don't know what the deal is.

Tomorrow I am having 2 dear friends come over to scrap. We didn't get a chance all summer long to get together so I am eager to meet up and have some fun tomorrow. And who knows, maybe even get some work done in the mean time!

Have a Happy Thursday tomorrow and be thinking about those Five Faves for Friday!

Til then!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

School is officially in session!

Well today Zoe girl started the first day of 2nd grade! I can hardly believe that my lil Zoe is a 2nd grader. She looked like a dwarf amongst giants even though she has grown almost an inch since her birthday in June. She was pretty nervous this morning but got settled in super fast and NO TEARS which is a HUGE HUGE deal for us. I was oh so very proud of her. She wore her brand new rockin' Hannah Montana shirt and sported her new metal Hannah lunch box as well.

I can't wait to hear all about how her day went! She has a rather LARGE class size but she had lots of old friends in there with her.

School is also in session at Bad Girls Kits! September means Top Designer and Bad Girls Academy. Here is what Wendy has to say about this oh so fun and cool contest!

WELCOME TO TOP DESIGNER. Polish those shoes, put on your uniforms, tie back your hair and prepare yourself as its BACK TO SCHOOL TIME for all you BAD GIRLS out there. Yup that's right.....the new Semester is about to start over at THE BAD GIRLS DESIGN ACADEMY and sign ups for REGISTRATION are about to begin.....don't all rush at once girls....form an orderly queue please as we don't want to block up the corridors. OK...so what's the AGENDA for this years school term?? Here goes.... For the next 6 weeks the BAD GIRLS PROFESSORS will walk you through a series of weekly INSPIRATIONAL TUTORIALS, which will teach all of the BAD GIRLS STUDENTS the theory behind DESIGN PRINCIPLES. THE BAD GIRLS ACADEMY will open its doors at 10am PST on Monday 8th September and will remain open for the following 6 weeks. Every Monday morning at 10am PST one of our talented PROFESSORS will post the class assignment to the BAD GIRLS MESSAGE BOARD - we need EVERY STUDENT to check in for attendance by 8pm PST on that same Monday - failure to check in on time and be late for class will lead to your exclusion from THE BAD GIRLS ACADEMY. Students are required to turn in their weekly assignments in by 10am PST on the following Sunday - giving 6 days for completion. All STUDENTS must turn in their work to the correct GALLERY each week.. Failure to turn work in on time, or incorrectly uploading assignments, will lead to exclusion from THE BAD GIRLS ACADEMY. Every Sunday evening THE PRINCIPLE, MS RAGO, will announce THE HONOR ROLL of STUDENTS who have made it through to the next week's class......STUDENTS that do not make the HONOR ROLL can still join in with the classes, BUT they will no longer be eligible to win the coveted title of BAD GIRLS TOP DESIGNER. Not only will our head girl be crowned as the BAD GIRLS TOP DESIGNER 2008 but she will also receive an amazing PRIZE PACKAGE of goodies from some of the industries finest manufacturers such as .................. AMERICAN CRAFTS, PRIMA, SASSAFRAS LASS, K & COMPANY, and 7 GYPSIES!!!! Oh...and of course...BAD GIRLS!!!! So how do you enroll at THE BAD GIRLS DESIGN ACADEMY?? It couldn't be easier - simply make a post to this thread and make sure your real name,FIRST AND LAST and location are included in your signature line:D The BAD GIRL PROFESSORS are busy adding the final touches to their LECTURES and all are looking forward to meeting the returning STUDENTS from last year, as well as the NEW FACES we hope to see joining us. So until the 1st Class session begins at 10am PST on Monday 8th Sept. why not sign yourself up to the STUDENT REGISTER and then hang out in the BAD GIRLS COMMON ROOM and get to know your fellow STUDENTS. That is all for now - have a wonderful day and be good!

Does this sound like fun to you? Head on over and sign up at this THREAD!

The new kit also debuted yesterday and this has been my favorite so far. LOADED with American Crafts and that makes me HAPPY :)

check out Park Avenue Playhouse:

Here is what I did with the kit this month!

Wendy really put together a fabulous kit and add on kits this month! Make sure to check out the Designer's gallery to see what the other fabulously talented designers created!

Also I have to say I am bummed that I missed Five Fave Fridays BUT we went on a 4 day vacation to the coast. We had such a fun time and the weather was GORGEOUS! I can't remember the last time I have visited the Oregon coast and NOT had to wear a jacket outside. Heck I even sweated. It is great to be back home though.

And with that, I need to go tackle the pile of sandy laundry that we accumulated during our vacation. If you stop by, say Hi! I am enjoying my day of freedom!