Friday, June 6, 2008

Five Faves Friday!!

Yes, it's that time once again for me to rattle on and on about my Five Fave things of the week that noone cares about LOL. But someday I am thinking it will make for a great layout. Just a little reference pointage. So without further adieu and assuming I can come up with five things LOL.

1. Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup- good for the body and soul. I had it not only once but twice this week. When I was first feeling sick but could still smell and taste, I whipped up a batch myself and I have to say I did pretty dang good for my first attempt at it. My second time was delivered to me via Pammy Mac a few days ago. And I have to say that hers was better than mine ;). The chicken was fantastic in it and magically made me feel much better the next day.

2. Last Comic Standing-I love this show. Always good for a laugh and a scare at the same time.

3. Craftstylish- Both the magazine and the website. Pam dropped me off one of their magazines along with the soup and I have been visiting their website for the past 2 months or so, and well I have to say I am hooked. Crafts of all kinds on there and a great place to get alot of inspiration.

4. Musicplaylist.Net- This site is what is streaming in the awesome music that you are hearing now. I am totally addicted to this site. For a person who adored making mix tapes in high school, this is utter heaven for me. I have spent hours this week browsing around and listening to all kinds of songs and have relived my childhood a million times over. LOVE IT. You need to try it!

5. And my Scrappy Fave of the week- It is going to be a digi for ya ;)

I made a really cute gift for the secretary at the school using this kit from Weeds&Wildflowers at PrimaHybrid and combined it with some beautiful Prima Caliope paper and well forgot to take a picture so you will just have to pretend with me. The sign turned out beautiful and I thought she was going to cry. It was fun to do something hybrid this week. It had been a while.

In other news, our soccer season ends tomorrow. I am hoping our team has a good last game because the practices this week weren't so promising LOL. We are throwing a bowling party afterwards which all the kids seem excited about. So hopefully that will be bribe enough to keep their attention during the game.

And school is ALMOST OUT! A blessing and a curse at the same time ;). I always struggle during the summer trying to find things to fill up our time and that don't only involve Zoe and I doing things together. She tends to get super clingy when we spend days on end together so this summer I am trying to fill our schedule up with some activities that will give her some freedom to do some stuff with out me ie swimming lessons, art classes, heck maybe even going to vacation Bible school this year. Something, ANYTHING that gets her out there socializing with someone other than me.
Well everyone, enjoy your weekend. I have a couple of canvases I have to make for a friend today, so off and away I go. Stop by and share your favorite thing this week! I would love to hear it.


kirstypiper said...

Just wanted to let you know that I thought your Friday Favourites was such a great idea that I started doing them too!

Makes me think of things that make me smile during the week rather than always being grumpy;-)

So, thank you!

Leslie Ashe said...

I LOVE your Friday Faves! :)
They're SUPER fun - JUST like YOU! :)

How'd soccer go today? HOPE Zoe's team won! :) I saw Brandi today! We took a pic for you! :)

HEY your layout is fabulous! I LOVE it! HUGS Dena bo bena! ~Leslie

ania said...

Oooo so you play soccer!! How fun! :D (I only played it briefly when I was young and all I could do was to tackle other people...give me a ball and I panicked though ;p) Chicken noodle soup, hmm..I like chicken and I like noodle....guess I gotta google for a reciepe :)

kirstypiper said...

LOL, yep, slowly but surely we will get everyone listing Friday Faves!!!