Thursday, June 19, 2008

Good bye 6, Hello 7!

Apparently 7 feels a whole lot different than 6, or so I am told LOL.

Zoe had a fabulous day yesterday. She woke up in a fantastic mood and the birthday presents kinda went like Christmas does. She ran right to them and tore on into them. She kept saying ohh just one mom and then a few minutes later oh mom just one more!

Here is Zoe saying good night to six and waking up and saying good morning to seven!

See the difference??? And if you take a closer look at the second picture you can see aforementioned pink hair extensions ;)

Zoe and I met up with my best friend Judi and her son Ryley. Zoe and Ryley have birthdays that are just 10 days and an hour apart. So we always get together and have a little celebration for the both of them. Here are the cuties giving each other birthday hugs. And yes Zoe is the older one by a year LOL!

After our playdate we had dinner at Red Robin where Zoe was serenaded and brought a huge hot fudge sundae.

Then we headed back to our house for some icecream cake and punch.

And thus my baby is now 7 and a self proclaimed Queen of the World!
Huge thank you to all of you who wished Zoe a Happy Birthday! She loved reading them!


Amy Coose said...

I had no idea Zoe and Georgia were so close in age. Georgia will be 7 on Tues. Your sweet girl is adorable, and I'm so glad she had a happy birthday!

Cindy Tobey said...

Happy Birthday to Zoe! What a cutie! It looks like she had a fun day! My son turned 6 on June 8th. We had a fun Indiana Jones party. :o)

kirstypiper said...

What an exciting birthday! Happy birthday Zoe! I have a little girl who is 7 and a little girl who will be 7 soon :-)
Seven is a fun 7 year old had an ice cream cake too, because she can't have regular cake cause she is allergic to egg.

ania said...

Happy birthday to your gorgeous girl! :)

Leslie Ashe said...

LOOK at your gorgeous birthday girl!! Tell her I'm waiting on a round of Mario Kart with her!