Thursday, June 26, 2008

I have been tagged.

This is my first time being tagged before so thanks to Brooke from Bad Girls!
Here is goes :)

1.Ten years ago.
Let's See. I would have been 20. Working at Claire's Boutique as a Store Manager and being a very bad bad girl LOL.

2.Five things on today’s “to do list”-
finish up Bad Girls projects
laundry (BLECH)
post on blog
make dinner
finish Five Fave Fridays book

3.Snacks I enjoy-
Umm is there any snack I DON'T enjoy? Anything with chocolate, wheat crackers with strawberry cream cheese, cookies, fresh strawberries with brown sugar and Nutella...oh sweet Nutella.

4.Things I would do if I was a millionaire-
Buy a huge house for our family and one for my mother. Go on a year long vacation. Send John to Rock N Roll Fantasy Camp. Pay for Zoe to go to college. Buy a dream car. Donate large amount to different cancer organizations and St. Jude's.

5.Places I have lived-
This is a short list LOL

Ok I think I am supposed to tag 5 people now so here goes:
1. Leslie (cause I think she will like it!)
2. Brandi (cause dannng girl you need to post on that poor blog of yours!)
3. Audrey (cause I want to get to know ya better)
4. Jamie (cause I am sure you are at home bored!)
5. Kirsty (cause you are my Friday sidekick!)

I have been a BUSY little bee today so hopefully I shall have some fun goodies to post so my blog doth not look so boring!

Happy Thursday all and DON'T FORGET, tomorrow is Five Faves Friday! Start making your list!


Brandi said...

Alright Miss Smarty Pants! If you had looked you would know that I posted an epic novel BEFORE you tagged me! So there! Ha!

kirstypiper said...

Oooooh, just did my Friday faves,I will have to go think ;-)

My book is sloooooowly coming along.

Audrey Pettit said...

Guess I'll need to put on my thinking cap now, girlie! One so that I can come up with answers to these questions......and that I can come up with 5 people to tag! LOL!