Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Yeah I have nothing for a title today folks. LOL
Great news: Zoe had a fabulous 2nd day of school and got 3 panther paws for good behavior! I am so very proud of her this week. Just had to share that.

Here are a few layouts I did this week using some KI goodies. I looove KI lace cardstock. Still anxiously waiting for their Sheer Delights to be released. I can't wait to play with those.

Look Tina, MULTIPHOTOS on BOTH layouts! My friend Tina was giving me a hard time about how I only scrap single photo layouts LOL. I managed 2 multis in one sitting ;) And once again I couldn't get a decent shot of either layout. Don't know what the deal is.

Tomorrow I am having 2 dear friends come over to scrap. We didn't get a chance all summer long to get together so I am eager to meet up and have some fun tomorrow. And who knows, maybe even get some work done in the mean time!

Have a Happy Thursday tomorrow and be thinking about those Five Faves for Friday!

Til then!


LoRi said...

my title is PANTHER PAWS for Zoe AND Dena!! Yippee. Gorgeous stuff as usual my friend!
xo, L

N, K, D, E and Zoe said...

Love the layouts. I especially love there there are multiple pictures.

I hope you're doing well. Thanks for the comment on the muddy water. That brought much laughter this morning.

dannisdoodles said...

THESE are fabulous Dena, beyond fabulous, don't need a title fabulous.... insert big-grin smiley!

hugs & love!

Bethany Kartchner said...

Those are fab pages girl! I'm so loving all the inspiration on your blog.

Renee Lamb said...

yay for Zoe on her panther paws!! GRRRRR!!! Lovely work on those layouts...lovin' how your workin' the multiphoto thing...;) have fun with the, drink, be merry, and scrap...or well, just eat, drink and be merry! lol

Diane DiTullio said...

Love both of these layouts Dena! Long time no chat! Hope you guys are doing well! :)