Friday, September 19, 2008

Five Faves Friday on Saturday

And yet another Friday has come and gone! I swear the weeks have just been flying now that school has started.
Ok on with the show.
Five Faves for the week:

1. Last night on the Smithsonian Channel I watched a show called Portrait of an Artistic Genius about Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai who was born in 1760 and died in 1849. He was a prolific wood block print artist most famous for his series on Mt. Fuji. I was just blown away by how talented this man truly was and the vision and perspective that he used in his artwork which was totally unheard of at the time. The show dissected his work and how he would achieve the look of certain wood block prints, they showed it layer by layer. One print in particular called the Great Wave of Kanagawa, they spotlighted his attention to detail in the talon like fingers of the wave and then dissected it further by having a photographer take repeated pictures of actual waves and sure enough side by side the real life picture and the print that Hokusai painted were almost dead on.

OK enough of a lecture from me LOL, I just found this show incredibly interesting and inspiring. If you happen upon it WATCH IT!

#2. Rogue Brewery Mocha Porter- this beer is like heaven in a bottle. We ate at the Rogue Brewery when we went to the coast for vacation and their menu was huge and diverse. Both food and BEER menu. I couldn't believe all the different kinds of beers they had on tap. I had a Chocolate Cream Stout while we where there and picked up the Mocha Porter at the grocery store last week. TASTY!

#3. Top 100 songs from the 80's on VH-1- If you can't tell by my playlist, I loooove music from the 80's. However, I do not agree that Livin on a Prayer should be #1.?!?!?! There is a plethora of songs that could have been chosen but it is always fun to watch and laugh and drool at how cute Simon LeBon is!

#4. Ohhh I got new curtains at Pier1 this week. I have been looking for curtains for a very long time and I finally found the PERFECT set. I will take a pic once I have them up in all their glory!

#5. Scrappy Fave of the Week-Basic Grey's Offbeat line. YUM YUM YUM!! These 3 in particular are just gorgeous! I love the color scheme and the designs are right up my alley.

Well there is my list. As always if you posted a list Fri or heck today like me, link me up so I can partake in the fun and share with others!

Have a great rest of the weekend!


Kirsty said...

Are BG papers getting less scary??? I used to love them, and buy each range, but never use them, cause I was I love them AND use them!
I adore eating out..and we never do it. No where in town to eat out, and when we go away we are so busy catching up with family, we never get a chance.
I like how you managed to use the word plethora in your whole family are big fans of that word...always gets a laugh if you manage to slip it into a sentence!

pepsigirl said...

Love your Friday Fav's Girlie, especially your number 1, very kewl stuff! I'm def. starting next Friday! I survived the foto shoot :) I'll email you tomorrow. ;)

LoRi said...

Awesome faves, Dena! I played along with you this time. Five Faves Friday on um, Sunday! LOL.

pammc said...

Remind me to tell you about the museum of the Japanese artist.
I'll have to wait til I'm home to do my five favs.

foxylady said...

OK here I am I have made it to your blog. I was sooo excited that you started reading my blog so now Ihave started and will return. Loved your 5 favs...I to love eating out andd unlike Kirsty we have a "plethora" of places to choose from in sunny Ballina

Lisa Ellsworth-Johnson said...

oh man! I miss the Rogue brewery something fierce! On holidays they have garage sales where they sale mis-labeled or otherwise "second" merchandise - one sale I bought 8 cases of mocha porter for 15 bucks each - just because the labels were crooked! It took me shockingly little time to go through them........