Thursday, September 18, 2008

In Thursday's Trunk

The In The Trunk newsletter is up and posted today! We featured the newest addition to the Trunk family.....JOTS! So many great ways to use these cute embellishments. Here are the ways that I used them:

I cut the Jot in half and used part for journaling and the other half for an embellishment. And this circle patterned paper is one of my all time favorite PT papers! love it!

Who do you want to be? features the other style of Jots. I love the large floral shape and there is just the right amount of space in between lines as well! I like that :)

Come check out the newsletter and our guest Designer Danielle Holsapple!

Have a great Thursday all and tomorrow.....well you should all know by now what tomorrow is. I don't have to remind you right?!?!

Til then!


Danielle said...

totally lovin' these layouts!!!! that pp is my fave too!! :) aren't the jots fun!?

NancyJones said...

OH those are so dang cute girl! I AM LOVIN the rockin 2nd grade that is precious.
Im gonna work on my DE page today (if lil bit cooperates and will not plunder in my stuff) HA! right.
The weather is gorgeous today maybe I can get outside with her a bit (snap some shots.. hmm)
happy Thurs to you too

Leslie Ashe said...

OHMYGOSH - your layouts are gorgeous Dena bo bena!!!!!!!!!!

LOVE the jots, LOVE LOVE LOVE 'em!

My goodness - that Zoe girl is just the cutest 2nd grader EVER!

Bethany Kartchner said...

Great LOs Dena! You are such a lovely artist!

pammc said...

These are so cool, Dena.

Danielle said...

these are gorgeous, Dena!! love those jots! Hope you are doing well!