Monday, September 22, 2008

D to the X time.

Design X is up today!

First off congrats to Nancy Jones for rocking her random word VOCIFEROUS! I think I would have cried had I drawn that word! But Nancy showed VOCIFEROUS who was boss and is going to be getting a fabulous WEBSTER'S PAGES prize pack!!!

Here is this weeks challenge posted by beautiful Amy Coose:

In what way(s) do you indulge your self?

Here is my indulgence: A cup of coffee whilst grocery shopping. I hate grocery shopping and find a bit of coffee helps me make it thru the aisles without having to bodily harm someone in the process!

Your turn to share your indulgence with us at DesignX and check out our guest designer this week too, Waleska Neris! She has the cutest layout up there and seems to have a shoe fetish like I do. Amy and Leslie have gorgeous layouts posted as well!

I mentioned Webster's Pages earlier and we are going to be having our first online chat at our ning site inspireME on Wednesday Oct 1st at 7pm PST. So mark your calendars and come have some fun with us ;)

This momma has some layouts to scrap and a house that is in desperate need of a good cleaning. So enjoy your Monday and if you stop by today, SAY HI :)


Leslie Ashe said...

BWAHAHAHAHA ok roller skating days just flew past my memories...LOOK AWAY by Chicago just played on your playlist. BWAHAHAHAHA!!! (I swear was that the best after breakup cry to song or WHAT!) LOL!!

And D to the X - now THAT is CUTE!


Teach me those mad digi skills, k?


Kirsty said...


OMG, you even rock at digi are one talented chick!

Anonymous said...

Good for you doing digi stuff Dena -that's awesome! Your story about grocery shopping is cute, I don't care for it either!
Sounds like a fun challenge :)

Anonymous said...

that layout is awesome!
just wanted to say hello.

Tammy Kay

NancyJones said...

hey girly girl THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH I am so excited!!!
LOOK at you with digi skillz! I still havent gone to the dark side I have done some hybrid but wow. YOU GO GIRLFRIEND!

Leslie Ashe said...

Ok listen - I love your layout so much I had to come back and tell you!!!!

OHHH that and...I left you a tag on MY blog!! It's easy - you've gotta do it!! Go check it out and remember...who loves ya baby!


sara said...

I've been out in my little scraproom that I call home for the past few hours getting some stuff ready for a fundraiser I have this weekend and I just wanted to say THANK YOU!! Your music rocks! I had the best time listening to your tunes as I scrapped away! Great reads on your blog!

scrappermimi said...

Gorgeous LO, that is for sure. I am a fan of Nancy's work and can't eait to check out her LO!

LoRi said...

Hi Dena!! My Five Faves are up. Can't wait to see yours! xoxo