Friday, September 26, 2008

Five Faves Friday

Good afternoon all! Late getting my five faves up but I was actually out and about having coffee with a friend this morning. I think this is some kind of record for me to have seen 4 different actual adults in one week LOL. That is alot for this homebody!

Ok Five Fave this week

1. THE OFFICE is BACK- THANK GOD! I love this show, have been waiting all dang summer for it to come back on and was anxious (stupid, I know but true) about whether or not Jim was going to propose to Pam.

2. Babies- I finally got to meet my friend Jamie's most precious lil one Grace. She was so sweet and cute as can be. I will baby sit this munchkin any time Jame. And yes I stole the photo off your blog LOL! Too lazy to go upload my own.

And our dear friend Lisa finally gave birth to her son who was I don't even know how late and she had a 68 hr labor! Yes you read that right, 68 hours people! My new hero. So congrats to Lisa and Cam for their new precious miracle.

3. Maple Crunch bagels from the Bagel Tree- We have this little hole in the wall bagel store here and before heading out to meet with Jamie and Grace I picked up some bagels for us to much on, and they were pretty dang tasty. I will definitely have to go back again next week and get another one.

4. Being able to wear my cute coats once again- Although I am not quite ready for Fall to be here, I have to admit that it has been nice to be able to wear my cute coats again. I have a sick obsession with little jackets and coats and have been going thru my rotation this week.

5. Scrappy Fave of the week- Prima Felt Matties. I just picked some up and they are ADORABLE! I may have to go back and get some more of the other styles.

So there is my list- boring and drab, I know. This was a week that I struggled to write down my list during the week. That helps me out a ton.

As always, hook a sister up if you post a list today or any time this weekend (just because you miss on a Friday, doesn't mean you can't post on a Saturday!) and check out the blogs on my Five Faves sidebar! It has been so great to see other people playing along and sharing their favorite things for the week. Such a wonderful way to learn more about your friends and discover some cool stuff while you are at it!

Have a fabulous Fall weekend!


Kirsty said...

Lucky you! Babies to snuggle, good food to munch and the weather is cooling down...definitely faves of mine! It is getting VERY hot over here already. darn, no cute coats for another 6 months!!!

LoRi said...

What a sweet little baby! Congrats! 68 hours of labor?? Holy sheeeet, my hero too! I saw those Prima felt thingies online and I can't wait to get some and play. Thanks, D!!

Anonymous said...

68 hours of Labor!! She needs to have a tiara!(A very sparkly pretty one) WOW!!! Glad everything was ok!! I love fall clothes..its fun to wear them but its pretty hot here in Florida! I LOVE cute little jackets!!!

I am running behind on my Faves this week...maybe tomorrow..
Love visiting your always have great things to read and awesome projects!!
Have a great weekend!!

Anabelle said...

68 hours!!!! Her doctor should be shot! Wow. Love those prima things too! (And you should do a LO about your jackets.)

A, J, and G said...

AMEN to those bagles! Yummy! It was so great to hang with you. I'm so sorry it didn't work out for Zoe. I'm sure she was super sad and it makes me sad too!

Jeni Boisvert said...

Dude! Dena I spaced it, thanks for the reminder. I posted a couple hours late, but I did the Five Faves Friday! Really fun~ Love yours this week. Love ya!!

Staci said...

Oh yes, cute coats are a good thing to have on that list, i'm excited for that, too! And what an adorable baby!!