Tuesday, September 2, 2008

School is officially in session!

Well today Zoe girl started the first day of 2nd grade! I can hardly believe that my lil Zoe is a 2nd grader. She looked like a dwarf amongst giants even though she has grown almost an inch since her birthday in June. She was pretty nervous this morning but got settled in super fast and NO TEARS which is a HUGE HUGE deal for us. I was oh so very proud of her. She wore her brand new rockin' Hannah Montana shirt and sported her new metal Hannah lunch box as well.

I can't wait to hear all about how her day went! She has a rather LARGE class size but she had lots of old friends in there with her.

School is also in session at Bad Girls Kits! September means Top Designer and Bad Girls Academy. Here is what Wendy has to say about this oh so fun and cool contest!

WELCOME TO TOP DESIGNER. Polish those shoes, put on your uniforms, tie back your hair and prepare yourself as its BACK TO SCHOOL TIME for all you BAD GIRLS out there. Yup that's right.....the new Semester is about to start over at THE BAD GIRLS DESIGN ACADEMY and sign ups for REGISTRATION are about to begin.....don't all rush at once girls....form an orderly queue please as we don't want to block up the corridors. OK...so what's the AGENDA for this years school term?? Here goes.... For the next 6 weeks the BAD GIRLS PROFESSORS will walk you through a series of weekly INSPIRATIONAL TUTORIALS, which will teach all of the BAD GIRLS STUDENTS the theory behind DESIGN PRINCIPLES. THE BAD GIRLS ACADEMY will open its doors at 10am PST on Monday 8th September and will remain open for the following 6 weeks. Every Monday morning at 10am PST one of our talented PROFESSORS will post the class assignment to the BAD GIRLS MESSAGE BOARD - we need EVERY STUDENT to check in for attendance by 8pm PST on that same Monday - failure to check in on time and be late for class will lead to your exclusion from THE BAD GIRLS ACADEMY. Students are required to turn in their weekly assignments in by 10am PST on the following Sunday - giving 6 days for completion. All STUDENTS must turn in their work to the correct GALLERY each week.. Failure to turn work in on time, or incorrectly uploading assignments, will lead to exclusion from THE BAD GIRLS ACADEMY. Every Sunday evening THE PRINCIPLE, MS RAGO, will announce THE HONOR ROLL of STUDENTS who have made it through to the next week's class......STUDENTS that do not make the HONOR ROLL can still join in with the classes, BUT they will no longer be eligible to win the coveted title of BAD GIRLS TOP DESIGNER. Not only will our head girl be crowned as the BAD GIRLS TOP DESIGNER 2008 but she will also receive an amazing PRIZE PACKAGE of goodies from some of the industries finest manufacturers such as .................. AMERICAN CRAFTS, PRIMA, SASSAFRAS LASS, K & COMPANY, and 7 GYPSIES!!!! Oh...and of course...BAD GIRLS!!!! So how do you enroll at THE BAD GIRLS DESIGN ACADEMY?? It couldn't be easier - simply make a post to this thread and make sure your real name,FIRST AND LAST and location are included in your signature line:D The BAD GIRL PROFESSORS are busy adding the final touches to their LECTURES and all are looking forward to meeting the returning STUDENTS from last year, as well as the NEW FACES we hope to see joining us. So until the 1st Class session begins at 10am PST on Monday 8th Sept. why not sign yourself up to the STUDENT REGISTER and then hang out in the BAD GIRLS COMMON ROOM and get to know your fellow STUDENTS. That is all for now - have a wonderful day and be good!

Does this sound like fun to you? Head on over and sign up at this THREAD!

The new kit also debuted yesterday and this has been my favorite so far. LOADED with American Crafts and that makes me HAPPY :)

check out Park Avenue Playhouse:

Here is what I did with the kit this month!

Wendy really put together a fabulous kit and add on kits this month! Make sure to check out the Designer's gallery to see what the other fabulously talented designers created!

Also I have to say I am bummed that I missed Five Fave Fridays BUT we went on a 4 day vacation to the coast. We had such a fun time and the weather was GORGEOUS! I can't remember the last time I have visited the Oregon coast and NOT had to wear a jacket outside. Heck I even sweated. It is great to be back home though.

And with that, I need to go tackle the pile of sandy laundry that we accumulated during our vacation. If you stop by, say Hi! I am enjoying my day of freedom!


Renee Lamb said...

okay...1. Zoe is the cutest and you two look so much alike!! yay for her going to school with no tears!! big step! and 2. woah woah woah...amazing scrappy heaven you posted lady!! each one is pure yumminess. Great kit!! and I guess I can forgive you for not posting your fave 5's since you have a good excuse! *wink* - glad you enjoyed your weekend in Oregon!

Audrey Pettit said...

I think I could just copy Renee's post to the letter. I could not agree with everything she said more! Zoe is adorable and looks SO happy. Hurray for a wonderful first morning. And my goodness, girl.....that kit looks good enough to eat and your designs are amazing. Truly amazing.

Leslie Ashe said...

Ummm LOOK at MISS Zoe girl!! how CAUUUUUUTE does she look on her first day!! Happy First Day girl!! :)

And another thing!! WOW on your layouts girl - wowowowowowowow!!!! I love what you did with that kit!!! I can't get enough - wait I have to go back and look again! I just love it all!!

Sounds like you guys had a great trip!! SO glad to hear!!

Love ya!

Kirsty said...

Oh I hope Zoe has a FAB first day in 2nd grade! I have a 2nd grader too...she is in with the grade 2,3,4 class and her first day was scary for me, but GREAT for her!

I would totally rather a beach vacation than Friday Faves, so your absence note is accepted LOL

Your LOs are AMAZING! I think I neeeeeeeeeeeed this kit!!!!

A, J, and G said...

So glad the first day of school went well for her! I can't believe she's grown an inch since her b-day! That's a serious growth spurt!

Dena Simoneaux said...

hi Dena... it's Dena! lol... love saying that! :)

thought i would stop by and check out what is goin' on... and let me just say 2 things... your daughter is the cutest thing!!! and she is in the same grade as Cole, my son! both are second graders! oh and the Bad girl site sounds sooo fun! i would love to join but i am just getting back in studying for my last 2 architecute exams! and really need to concentrate on those. but once i am done... you can count on me to participate in future fun things!!!

o.k. that was more then 2... well i was never a woman of few words.. lol! o.k. gotta go put the kiddo to bed... TTYL, Dena :)

Cari Fennell said...

Hey girl!!! I found your blog!! WOHOO! Love it-and i love you!
Zoe is the cutest and your LO's this month rocked!
xoxo CAri

domestic goddess said...

wow Dena, i cannot believe how alike your dd looks like you!
hope she had a great day, my girls started yesterday!
hugs xx

LoRi said...

OmG! So much good stuff in this post. Where do I start? Zoe is adorable. No Hannah stuff around here so it is so fun to see the Girlie point of view for BTS!! The Bad Girls challenge sounds like so much fun! That kit rocks and I LOVE what you did! Your layouts and cards are AMAZING! Thanks (as always) for the inspiration, Dena!