Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A little somethin' somethin'

Ok I am on my way to go meet a friend for coffee BUT I have to share this blog/website that I found via my threadbangers newsletter this morning. I think this blog moves up to the top of my list of faves now!! I can't wait to get back and check it out even further.

So what is this amazing blog that has me enraptured?
HOW ABOUT ORANGE by Jessica Jones.
Tons of inspiration and links to cool downloads and orange orange everywhere!

Have fun taking a peek at this today and make sure to download the killer stamp font she has linked on her blog from dafont! I can't wait to use these!!

Ok I am off to chat it up with Judi and sip some tasty coffee!


Renee Lamb said...

hope you had fun over coffee! and thanks for the link to that blog! I took a peeky peek and liked what I saw. Will definitely need to do some more poking around there.

Laura Fiore said...

Well, look who I found again! I love all of the new photos of Zoe...she's such a cute girly!