Friday, May 30, 2008

Bad Girls Summer Workshop this weekend!

Today is the start of The Bad Girls Summer Workshop and trust me this is something YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS! The workshop will run all weekend long with classes all day every day. And let me tell you that the girls have been hard at work creating some of the most beautiful projects I have ever seen. And that is no lie. Who can beat a nightlight made out of a Prima box?

The thread with the classes and descriptions can be found here:

More information can be found here in the index:

And here is a sneaky of my class coming up Sunday and the thread with the supplies that will be needed for each class.

So come on over and check it out!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Come one Come all to...

inspireMe is the brand new Ning home to Websters Pages. Now if you are saying to yourself, what the heck is a ning? Well Ning is a great online community (think like a huge message board and facebook or myspace combined) that is really interactive and allows you to post your work, chat with friends and more stuff than I even know about.

Today Webster's Pages is celebrating their launch of this new site. So head on over, tell em I sent ya ;) and make yourself at home. And then when you have set up camp, INVITE some friends to come and join you.

The team has been hard at work making some beautiful layouts and projects for you to check out. I was just blown away by a layout in there from Iris Babao Uy. That girl freakin ROCKS, plain and simple!

Here are a couple of layouts that I made in the wee hours of the night using Websters Pages. One features the oh so yummy Raspberry Truffle line and the other...well it is from their Christmas line Winter Wonderland.
Ohhh and did I mention PRIZES and GIVE AWAYS?!??! hmmmm! now who doesn't love those?
So come on over and have some fun!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Five Faves Friday!!

on Saturday that is...
Phewwww. Yesterday I spent all day helping with an art workshop at the kiddos school. The kids got to paint some fun Chinese pictures on some fans. The teacher was fabulous and the kids LOVED the project. Good times, good times.

Sooo faves for the week this week. Let me see.
#1. Shakespeare In Love. I LOVEEE this damn movie. Just love it! I went to lunch with a friend at Red Robin's yesterday and it was playing and *sigh* I was sooo wishing I would have Tivo'd it. Joseph Fiennes is SERIOUSLY HOT!

which leads me to another great movie with a hot man....

#2. Elizabethtown- It was on this morning. I love anything and everything that Cameron Crowe has ever done. And it has Orlando Bloom in it...So you know it has to be good. I adore the soundtrack, I cry every single time I see it. And if you haven't seen it, you are hereby ordered to do so this weekend. Favorite Quote from this movie : I am hard to remember, but I am impossible to forget.
#3. The song from the Sprite commercial. Falling Away With You. LOVE IT. Must download ASAP! But am having a hell of a time trying to figure out who actually sings it. I found a video on youtube but am too stupid to know how to post a youtube video LOL.
#4. Vitamin Water. Been drinking it almost daily.
#5. And a scrappy fave for the week. Amy Butler K&Co. Lotus Tea Box cardstock diecuts. Found them at Michaels. They are so adorable. The name says it all. I will post a project that uses them some time next week :) Awesome buy for like 3 bucks!
Ohhh and I better add my fave beer just for weekend purposes of course. In case you need to go out on a beer run or something LOL
New Belgium Brewing Co. They actually have two of my fave beers: Fat Tire and my absolute favorite 1554 Enlightened Ale. If you love a good dark beer, TRY THIS! Delish!
I hope you all have a safe and fun weekend with your family!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

I've been a bad bad girl!!

And it payed off!!
It is official. Wendy Rago asked me to be the newest Bad Girl for her kick ass kit club. She puts together some incredible and creative kits and I am so thrilled to be joining some of my favorite scrappers on this team! Check out this list :)
Anne Jo Lexander
Tracie Hudson
Cari Fennell
Iris Uy
Sri Sams
Alison Schubert
Gloria Froese
Tammy Kay
and Jeni Boisvert

So come and check out this great site!!

Friday, May 16, 2008

can I change my mind...

about my fave #5 on my list....the Sun...
Wellllll I think there is a little bit tooo much sun today. 100 degrees is a little much for me LOL.
holy hot sweaty nastiness batman! not a fan of the triple digits...not a fan...

Ohhh but I do have to say the Office was awesome last night and I am soo bummed that Jim didn't end up being able to propose to Pam. And if they end up not doing the marriage proposal next season and end up with her leaving... I am going to be soo damn bummed. Love me some Jim ;)

Five Faves Friday!!

It is that time again. Time to recap some of my favorite things of the week. Sooo without further adieu and please feel free to join in and add some of your fave things this week as well!

1. Celebrating birthdays...not mine, but a dear friend of mine. A dear friend of mine had a birthday this week and was kinda feeling down and out. So my friend Pam also known as Pammy Mac and I put together a little birthday luncheon for Tina. It was fun to chat it up, spend some time together and eat some good food. Which leads me to...

2. French Vanilla cupcakes with Lemon Cream Cheese Frosting and Fresh Raspberries on top! That is what I made for Tina and they were pretty dang good if I do say so myself. The raspberries were the best part!!!

3. Kruse's Fruit Stand- Now around here in Roseburg there isn't a hell of a lot to do. So when the fruit stand opens up, well everyone around here is happy. Soo many wonderful and tasty fruits and they have a bakery in there and they make the yummiest strawberry rhubarb pie! So so good. Now when you go to the fruit stand, one must buy a fruit pie turnover and stop at the hot dog stand and get a hot dog and strawberry lemonade! I look forward to those dang hot dogs every week! Sooo thank God it's Friday today cause I am all over that!

4. My Scrappy Fave for the week is Amy Butler and K&Co. Amy is such an incredible and inspiring designer and paired with K&Co well you can't help but sigh and fall in love. Well at least I can't.

and last but definitely NOT least.

5. The freakin SUN, oh blessed sun! It went from winter to total summer here in Oregon this week. Yesterday it was 91 at 5pm. Zoe's soccer team about sweated to death, so I treated them to some popsicles. Today it is supposed to be almost 100! What the heck! Gotta love Oregon weather.

So another boring blog post sans pictures. So pretend there are all kinds of amazing and wonderful pictures on here :)

And The TRUNK TIMES went out yesterday! Check out the fun newsletter from Paper Trunk. The team really did a wonderful job with their projects!
Enjoy your day!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The 2 W's: Wednesday and Websters...

Well happy hump day. TGIW! I swear it feels like Friday to me. That this week should be almost over but alas. Tis not!
and the other W is for Webster's...Pages that is! I am super excited to share that I have been asked to join the fabulous Design Team at Webster's Pages.

Here is the list of talented ladies who were chosen:

DT leader: Terri Hayes

Iris Babao Uy

Stephanie Howell

Lisa Johnson

Audrey Pettit

Melissa Phillips

Amy Westerman

You can check out the blog at Webster's Pages in the future for fun surprises and updates. If you haven't had a chance to see their beautiful papers, hop on over to the website and see for yourself. Here are just a few of my faves:

Morning Glory

Robin's Nest


Raspberry Truffle (yummy!)

So congrats to all the ladies and I really look forward to the upcoming year!

I have lots of things to do today and so little time to do them. Heading on down to the lovely DMV (grosssss!!!). Wish me luck and pray that I come home unharmed in my person! LOL
Ohh and go to the post office, my 2 least favorite places to go. But I am going to follow it up with a quick trip to Big Lots cause I hear they have some GREAT scrappy finds right now INCLUDING K&Co!!! So I have to go check it out.

And I leave you with a fun find :)
Corina Nielsen
She is a product designer for Prima. I came across her blog via the Prima blog and was totally cracking up at the first post I read. She is hilarious and so extremely talented. PLUS, lucky me, I won a drawing for a whole bunch of her awesome Whispers line, WOO HOO! I am so excited to be getting that in the mail :)

OK enough procrastinating for me....Off I go! Have a great day and stop and SAY HI! My lil blog is feeling ever so lonely here!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

We are Dorks like That!

My sisters and I being goofballs the other day after taking my Mom out for her birthday. I dare not say how old she is LOL.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Five Faves Friday

Well I kinda missed last Friday wooops! But I am back on board and now to see if I can come up with 5 things I liked this week LOL. I KNOW I can come up with 5 things that pissed me off ha!

Ok lets see

1. so addicted to sausage biscuits from McD's it's not even funny. sooo soo bad for me I know but dang I love sausage.

2. 40 games in 40 nights on TNT. Totally bummed that my Phoenix Suns got totally swept but John and I had so much fun watching the Hornets/Spurs game last night. Chris Paul and Tony Parker were so fun to watch battle. This is my fave time of the NBA season.

3. Wine, Chocolate and Art walk in downtown. And yes in that order! My Mom and I checked it out for the first time ever and weren't quite sure what to expect but I had a great time. You walk around downtown and different stores have fun things going on inside, WINE being one of them ;) So we strolled around tasted a few different wines, nibbled on some chocolate and just enjoyed each others company for an hour or so. Glad we went.

4. Collage Press papers- I have been playing around with a few but am not quite finished with the layouts. I adore this paper though.

5. and last but definitely not least. Mother's Day! At school, Zoe made this cute certificate with all the things she loves about me and planted a cute little flower. I will have to take pics once I clear up my CF card on the ol Rebel. That sucker is FULL!

Do you have any fave things of the week to share with me??

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

NSD recovery and a strange request of sorts.

Phewww. I think I have finally recovered from the madness that was NSD weekend. Sat/Sun were really busy days for me but I had to sneak a few projects in for NSD ;). I spent some time at PrimaHybrid and CreateMyKeepsake and won prizes at both places! WOOO HOOO!

Here are the few projects I managed to pull together:

For PrimaHybrid:

And for CMK:

I had a lot of fun rushing around trying to get these little projects done and really appreciate all the hard work and effort that the wonderful designers at both sites put forth to make this a wonderful NSD!
And now on to my strange request. Zoe is all about hand claps these days. You know what I am talking about right. Miss Sue...Miss Sue...Miss Sue from Alabama....
Well I can't remember any of the darn things. Minus good ole Miss Sue. I would love it if any of you who remember could either post a few in the comments section or email me a few of them. I remember loving hand claps as a child but I can't for the life of me recall any of them. *sigh*
Another sign of getting older.
And the countdown to 30 is getting closer and closer. Only 2 1/2 more months of my twenties to enjoy LOL.
Have a fabulous day!