Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I have been tagged.

My wonderful friend Cindy Tobey tagged me this past weekend and I am just now getting around to responding. Now she tagged me with a tag that I have already been tagged with LOL say that 3 times fast, so I am going to kinda mix up the questions a bit.
But Cindy, I love ya girl and thanks!

Instead of 10 years ago, I will go with
10 years from now:
I will be 40! I hope to have gone back to college by then and have a degree. In what..I am still not sure but I am thinking of graphic design. Zoe will be 17 and graduating highschool. Good Lord that just seems insane and oh so scary. Heck maybe she and I can go to college together LOL!

5 things to do today:
confirm Zoe's dentist appt.
fold laundry
make homemade chicken pot pies! YUMMY! first attempt wish me luck.
do dishes
clean bathroom

Snack of the week this week:
swiss cheese (don't ask me why though. I cant keep my hands off it!)

Instead of the if I was a millionaire question, I will go with if I had 100 dollars to spend at this very moment:
I would go splurge on some Amy Butler and Heather Bailey fabrics and get to work with this new sewing machine that is gathering dust!

Instead of 5 places lived, I will do
5 places I would love to travel to:


So there ya have it!

I guess I had better get hopping on all the dang house work I have building up! Have a fabulous Tuesday all!

1 comment:

Kirsty said...

Ooooh you and Zoe could be college roomies! LOL

I am back at 'college' this year. I am studying externally and its kinda hard to make myself do what i should be doing!!