Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Trying to keep our heads above water!

Both Zoe and I.

For the past 3 weeks Zoe has been doing swimming lessons M-Thurs and this girl is hilarious. She does everything and anything she can to keep her head above the water. Now bobs she is perfectly fine with, but when it comes to getting her face in and "swimming" she tries everything she can to keep from going in. But I am seeing progress and expect this kiddo to be doing some mean dog paddling next week. And at 70 bucks a pop, I think I should be demanding it LOL

Me...I am trying to keep my head above scrappy water. We have been so busy the past few weeks. I feel like I am running around like a chicken sans head. I got my Bad Girls kit which is GORGEOUS and havent even had time to really dig in to it. And everything is due in ohhh 5 days LOL.

I have a super something in the works right now that I can't quite talk about but am CRAZY excited for and need ya all to keep your fingers crossed for me!

Right now I am trying to multi task by cooking dinner, working on a layout and blogging at the same time. I am fully expecting the fire alarm to go off any minute now LOL. WOULD NOT BE A FIRST!

I just wanted to say HELLO, I am still alive and will hopefully have more time to put a decent post together. I have seen some KILLER CHA photos and lots of yummy stuffs I must have :)

Happy Wednesday all. And be thinking about your 5 faves for Friday! It is just around the corner!


kirstypiper said...

hey!! Just waving back...good to see you!

Margo said...

Sounds like something exciting for you, have my fingers crossed.

Leslie Ashe said...

Happy Wednesday!!!
How cute is Zoe..she doesn't want to miss anything, that's why she keeps her head above water. MY kind of girl that one is! :)

I LOVE your SONG! Son of a preacher I 'm singing, hee hee!!

Have a fab day!
I wish my word verification was as cool as YOURS. Rekue...huh? LOL!!


Jeni Boisvert said...

Hang in there Dena! Sounds like you need to take a breather and float on your back for a while! ;) I know the feeling though...I haven't even started my BG layouts!!!!!! HELP!!!!! I'll keep my fingers crossed for whatever you're excited about! I'm sure it's AWEsome!