Friday, August 1, 2008

Five Faves Friday and Bad Girls Aug Kit goes live!

Yes I did it! Scrapped about 5 Fave Fridays :) I used the August Bad Girls kit with that killer Hambly overlay. I loooved that puppy. Wish I had a few more. And if you peek closely enough there is a little shout out to Kirsty, Kelly and Pam. The 5 fave fridays sidekicks! Love ya girls ;)

Here are a couple of close up shots. I really love the K&Co. Chipboard frames!

So on with my list for the week and then I will post the rest of my layouts for Bad Girls!

#1. I finally beat a song on EXPERT level on Guitar Hero Aerosmith edition! I know it is sad and pathetic when beating a video game at the highest level is the highlight of your week LOL. Maybe I should get out of the house more often. I think my nephew would be proud though Ha!

#2. Annie Hall- I watched this movie for the first time night before last and LOVED IT. I don't know what it is about Woody Allen movies, for all intensive purposes he is just gross to look at but he is freakin hilarious and his movies are so smart and clever. And this was the movie that started it all. If you haven't seen it yet, check it out.

#3. Another movie- Into the Wild. This movie was based on a true story about a college student named Christopher Candless who takes off on some journey of self exploration across America, ending in Alaska. A really well scripted movie and the acting was incredible. The main character was played by Emile Hirsch and he is EASY ON THE EYES!

#4. Zoe went off the diving board finally! She has had some trepidation about jumping off of it for some reason this summer. She literally RAN off of it last year. No qualms or second thoughts. But this summer has been a little different. My mom came to watch and Zoe pulled it off. The people in the bleachers were cheering for her. It was a proud Momma moment. I will refrain from posting a picture due to the fact she is in a swim suit, but she did great :)

#5. Scrappy Fave of the week- I am kinda torn between two things. I mentioned that I really loved the K&Co. scroll chipboard frames but I have also been digging into my stamps this week and actually using them.

And speaking of layouts. Here is the August Main Kit for Bad Girls!

Here is what I did with the beautiful Paradise Cove kit :)

This one is called Times Like These. I used the lyrics from a Foo Fighters song. Wendy hand made the beautiful toile tag as a little thank you gift for the girls this month. And if I couldn't love K&Co. any more well this paper just made me fall that much harder for them ;)

here are the close ups:

My next layout was our challenge layout for the month and it was to scrap one of our Goals. My goal is to design scrapbook product.

The Bad Girls stamp this month is a beautiful mermaid designed by Cari Fennell. Since Zoe always reminds me of the Little Mermaid, I did a layout about her swimming lessons. Cari did such a great job on this stamp. Loved it girl!

My last project is a wall hanging that I gave as a gift for a friend who is getting married tomorrow. The top and bottom tags are for small pictures of the bride and groom and then the middle is for them to write a portion of their vows on.

Take a peek at what the other Bad Girls did with the kit! I was floored at the beautiful creations everyone came up with.

Happy First Day of August everyone. Can you believe it is August already? AHHHH! I can't.

Like always, if you decide to Catch The Fever and post a 5 faves today link me up ok! I would love to see them :)

Check back later this weekend where I will be posting my challenge for August at the Webster's Pages inspireME site!


N, K, D, E and Zoe said...

Thanks for the shout-out. I made it on your layout. I feel completely honored.

I love what you did with Zoe's swim lesson layout. I love the papers and tags and your daughter is absolutely beautiful.

Just make sure she doesn't peg leg. Oh. The. Horror!

Margo said...

I love the fave five idea I will have to start that up. I so love all of your layouts with the August kit I so can't wait to play with it myself.

pink4u said...

I love to check-out your Blog! You have so many beautiful layouts and ideas! You've inspired me to start posting Favorite Fridays!

Kirsty said...

Aaaaaaaaargh!!! I made it onto your LO!!!! SO SO SO SO darned excited!

LOVING the Bad Girls kit! Oh my gosh, I have to STOP visiting US sites, the supplies may be cheaper, but darn the shipping!!! LOL

Go Zoe! I totally couldn't do the diving board!

I see you have snagged another faves poster too! Woo!

Sri said...

Gorgeous Work, Dena.
Oh, Into the Wild is something I've been dying to watch. Just hadn't gotten round to it. You wouldnt believe what movie I watched...Ghost Rider. Yup. Another Nicholas Cage movie. I dont know what's wrong with me!!!!!

Renee Lamb said...

wow - all your layouts are amazing - love your fave five - and yay for Zoe going off the DB!!! amazing work girl as usual!

Lucy Edson said...

Gorgeous work with the BG kit, Dena!! Can't wait to get it, too!

Great challenge for inspireMe!! I will have to give it a shot! ;)

Mimmers49 said...

OK, first those kits are awesome!! Tempting me yes you are!!!

Second, congrats on the GH accomplishment!! I can't play orange for my know what I mean ;) So I am stuck on Medium :(

Third, your L.O.'s are rock!!!

Anonymous said...

you make so wonderful Layout`s - great!
Many greetings