Friday, July 11, 2008

Five Faves Friday!!!

Ahhh the sun is shining, I am pumped full of coffee and am ready for Five Faves Friday.
So let's get it started...

#1. Bubble Gum Ice Cream- Zoe and John went to the store the other day and brought back some bubble gum ice cream. YUMMO! It makes me feel like I am 10 years old again and stopping at Ridgeway Market after school for the 75 cent 1 scoop that is really 3 scoops ice cream cone.

#2. Adult Swim line up on Cartoon Network- This has saved me from many nights of boredom!

  • Oblongs
  • Squidbillies
  • Home Movies
  • Mission Hill
  • Family Guy
  • and one can't leave out Metalocalypse

And if that isn't enough the website had got TONS of hilarious games: Gigolo Assassin LOL!

#3. Curling up on the couch with a good book. Currently I am re-reading Breath of Snow and Ashes by Diana Gabaldon. Now if you haven't read the Outlander Series by Diana YOU MUST! If there is one book that you have to read this year it is Outlander, the first book in the series. You will fall in love with the characters and the story is just phenomenal. I have to read it every year at least one time. Breath of Snow and Ashes is the last book that Diana has written thus far in the series. It is a little harder to get thru than the previous books but it is like saying hello to an old friend. Any other Diana fans out there??

#4. CHA madness!!!! CHA is my favorite time of the scrappy year. So much fun to see all the sneak peeks and be in the middle of the craziness. I love going from site to site checking out all the fun peeks at the cool products that are going to be coming out. And recently fell in love with Karen Russell's new line....TO DIE FOR GORGEOUS! Check out her blog for her sneaks: YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS!

which leads me to my

#5 Scrappy Fave of the Week..........PINK PAISLEE Could these glitter pixee stixs be any cuter? Fabulous fabulous idea! And if you haven't already...they are hosting a blog party with 12 chances to win some new goods!! So head on over and check that out.

So there is my fave 5 for the week. Have any to share? link me up!

And this is my last weekend as a 20 something...Monday is the big 3-0! So I had better WHOOP it up while I still can I suppose. Have a fabulous weekend all!


Renee Lamb said...

yummm...that ice cream sounds sooooooooooooo good. *drool*. and ya know..I REALLY wish I had more time to read - i only get to read the trash mags (you know for quick reads while in the bathroom) - TMI, I know. I really do miss reading though. I should make more time for it. I love anything by Dean Koontz.
And Happy EARLY birthday to you! I will be dirty thirty in a couple years and honestly - CAN'T WAIT! Is that insane??? I am turning 28 on July 20th. So enjoy your last few days as the young 29 whipper snapper you are!!!! And then go live it up as a dirty 30 yr old! LOL - have a great weekend girly!

kirstypiper said...

I might have to give those books a go, I LOVE reading! :-D Am reading a Nora Roberts/JD Robb one atm.

Happy birthday for Monday! I turned 30 2 years ago, and almost went into complete meltdown LOL...but you, you will be a FABULOUS 30!!!!!

Davinie said...

Okay, I just LOVe the idea of 5 favorite things on Fridays. I might have to jump on this ship sometime..... sometimes it's good to focus on some good things going on and share that with others.
As for your things, WOWEE to Diana Gabaldon, I have the Outlander series.... and I'm diggin' the idea of the Pixie Stix but I haven't gotten my hands on them yet. Loved to eat them as a kid, though! lol
Have a great week! You are doing much better than me. When I turned 30 I was pregnant with Payton and couldn't even say goodbye to the 20's with a stiff drink. Instead, my hubby took me out for italian and I ended up with heartburn from the red sauce, LOL.

LoRi said...

Loving the FFF! Thanks for sharing Dena! Hugs to you.

pammc said...

I LOVE the new KR releases, too. She comes up with the coolest things.

Danielle said...

Love your faves, so much fun to read! Can you believe that we are about to break that 30 barrier!? Yikes. Enjoy your last weekend of 29! :)

Anonymous said...

OMG Dena... I so LOVE Diana Gabaldon! I have read every book in that series and named my dog Claire after...well, CLaire, of course! Every one of the books in that series is amazing.
And love the new Webster's Pages previews... my faves so far! Happy Weekend! Amy Tara

Christi said...

My ds has autism and he was trying to watch this one show I'm not sure what it was but they were commenting on how small this boys package was...I thought i would laugh my insides out...but it quickly got turned!

Lucy Edson said...

Love your faves, Dena!

That is my absolute favorite book series ever. Diana Gabaldon is an incredible author!