Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I must be getting old.

So I am having a mid-life crisis and I haven't even hit 31 yet. I am sitting here looking at summer concerts in Oregon. John gets to go to concerts all the time, so I was sitting on the couch thinking to myself...heck there might be something I want to go to this summer, I am going to go check out who is coming to our I find, none other than The Cult! Sighhh Ian Astbury...FireWoman, She Sells Sanctuary...well I could go on and on right.

Anyways, back to the mid-life crisis I see that the Vans Warped Tour is going to be here, something I went to in my younger days. "Who is going to be there?" I ask myself. So I proceed to check out the website and do you know how many bands I recognized on the list? Try 5 bands out of about 60! 5...that is all Bad Religion (older than dirt) being one of them.

So here I sit thinking to myself "have I gotten old and just not realized it?" well I think I have already answered my own question! I used to be cool, right? The fact that the only band I can find that I want to see was popular 20 years ago has nothing to do with my age...

Add to all of this. I am trying to do a challenge layout and frantically searching for pictures of myself and not having any luck at all. I realized that not ONE picture has been taken of me since my birthday LAST year and has already been scrapped 3 times. Do I not exist in this family or what? Note to self: hand over the damn camera Dena! So it has been great looking at the progression of wrinkles on my forehead from 2006-present day. Ohhh life before wrinkles, it was nice!

Also forgot to add that my baby is turning 8 in just a few short days! Am I old enough to have an 8 year old? Wasn't she just in diapers the other day?

So yes, today has been a traumatic eye-opener to say the least.

Back to Reality:
Anyone game for seeing The Cult??! We can pretend we aren't old together!


N, Kelly, D, E and Zoe said...

You aren't old, I can only recognize three bands listed on the Warped Tour list. I couldn't really tell you what two of them even sing.

If you're old, then I'm ancient. Therefore, you aren't old!

pammc said...

Don't EVEN talk to me about old. Most of the musicians I remember are dead.

Danielle said...

hey girlie, LOVE that photo of you...wowsers!! i know how you feel, i'm going to be 38 next week...! i don't have many pics of me either! just wanted to stop in and say hi. hope all is well with you.

Brandi said...

LOL! Just remember you'll never be as old as me! LOL! Just be glad you're not old AND fat! I nearly had a break down in the dressing room yesterday as I was trying on capris in a size bigger than I've ever worn in my life--and they were TIGHT! UGH!

Ann(i)e Hafermann said...

oh don't i know about feeling old as the hills.....i went to about the first five or six Warp Tours (Bad Religion being quite possibly my favorite band at that time....but did really love Social Distortion as well) and now I don't think I would even know FIVE bands!!!
ahhh...such is life!!
and a belated...."thanks for joining us on Pencil Lines"....loved your layout!!