Sunday, June 7, 2009

Chirp Chirp Chirp....

Ahhh the sweet sound of a silent house.

As we near the end of the school year (only 2 days left), I am having some mixed feelings. It will be great not to have to be up and at 'em before 7 am every morning if we don't want to. I am a lounge in my jammies, drink 3 cups of coffee before starting my day kind of girl. No homework to keep track of, no lunches to pack....BUT with all of that comes the constant entertaining of an 8 yr old. All of my free time sucked away from me for the next 3 months. So today I sit and soak in the quiet house, a few minutes of free time and mentally prepare for the craziness that is summer.
So while we are just about some 5 FAVES?!?!? A few days late, but Friday was crazy as all get out...

Here is what has kept me entertained and going this week:

#1. Check out these 2 totally cute etsy shoppes. I spent no less and an hour the other day checking them both out. Guarantee you will LOVE them as well:
Caramelo's (one of my favorite candy bars as well, so what ISN'T to love)
and Pink Grapefruit Style (one of my favorite breakfast fruits!) Both stores have amazing photography of their products. The colors at Pink Grapefruit are enough to leave you inspired for days.... Enough talking though, GO CHECK THEM OUT!

#2. found this site via Scoutie Girl, I believe. The site design itself is adorable. Birds, birds everywhere! The clothing is beautiful and the prices are UNBELIEVABLY low! I need all of these ASAP:

#3. The Tonight Show with CONAN O'BRIEN- Move over stupid Jay Leno, Coco is coming thru, kicking ass and taking names. I LOOOOVE Conan. Think he is hilarious. I have missed him and his show has been better than ever. So happy to have Conan back on again. Ohhh and did you see my crush Joel McHale on there the other night? Sighhh he is sooo cute!

#4. Banana Laffy Taffys- Seriously, these stupid things are so dang tasty! I hate bananas, hate them but I love fake banana flavored candies. And how can resist the stupid jokes? Not me, I get angry if I accidentally rip thru one and can't read it (like I JUST did). I vote that there should be a strawberry banana laffy taffy! Who is with me?

#5. Scrappy Fave of the Week- Well I haven't scrapped all week long, and I probably should get my teachers thank you gifts done huh, being there are only 2 days left. But I used some Shimmerz paint on one of my projects and I am in love with this stuff. Thanks Jeni for getting me hooked! I used the Chickadee paint and ohh lala...I love how my project turned out.

So that's it for this past week. I am anxiously awaiting the season 7 of Gilmore Girls on ABCFamily tomorrow!!! Eeeeeek! I didn't know that I had missed an ENTIRE season. So this is me jumping up and down like a huge, stupid dork right about now. Speaking of which I need to go finish watching the Behind the Scenes Gilmore episode I tivo'd!

Have a great rest of the weekend,


Jill said...

I'm off to go check out that clothing site now. I love the first dress especially!

Lisa said...

i am cursing you for posting that link! Those clothes are too cute! Have you ordered anything? Are they nice?

ania said...

Gotta play again soon! Adorable stuff at ShopRuche for sure!!

A, J, and G said...

I love Conan and Joel too. Am about to scour Hulu for the episode right now. What could be better than the two of them?

Amy Coose said...

Those dresses are adorable!!! I know I owe you an email...(: