Thursday, April 3, 2008

Winding down from Spring Break.

Phewwwww!! I can't tell which has been a busier week...Spring Break itself (which was last week) or this week. EEK!

A quicky update on our Spring Break which didn't turn out quite as planned but was fun nonetheless.

Zoe and I had our annual Spring Break haircuts and both ended getting a ton of hair chopped off. I had 12 inches taken off and she had about 6 inches, which for her tiny frame was a lot of hair. Now where are the pictures you ask...well I am being lazy and haven't taken any "after" shots yet.

We spent 4 days of Spring Break driving up and down the whole state of Oregon looking for a new vehicle and FINALLY ended up buying one. THANK GOD! This has been at least a year in the making. So we are now the proud owner of a 2006 Mustang GT. John is loving it and that makes me happy.

During one of the car searching trips we stopped at Build-a-Bear and Zoe bought a cute little pink sparkly bear aptly named Pinky Sparkle LOL. She cracks me up with her choice in Build-a-Bear names. This kid has 7 bears now. She could practically start her own dang store.

As for the rest of the weekend, I spent quality time with a bald man...MR. Clean to be exact. Please don't mind my little rant about the BEST cleaning tool EVER! Now whoever decided tile was a good material to build a freakin shower out of..well I hate that person LOL. Our house is an older house built in the early 50's and this tile has to be from then. It just basically sucks and cleaning grout is my LEAST favorite chore ever.

Let me back track a bit for me it's worth it. I love the Dollar section of our local Albertson's and I happened upon a huge box of Mr. Clean cleaning supplies and brushes and I just grabbed one of each, thinking heck I could possibly use one sometime.

Fast forward to me Saturday morning,old toothbrush in hand scrubbing like a madwoman trying to get my grout clean, not a pretty sight. Then I remember that I picked up a
TILE AND GROUT BRUSH. I was skeptical at first how it was going to work but I was BLOWN away at how clean it got my grout and how easy it was to use. YOU MUST PICK ONE UP! Trust me you will thank me later!

Ok so that was my cleaning rant.

Now as for the week after Spring Break I have been busy with taking the kiddo to the dentist (which I am proud to say she did an incredible job!), soccer lessons started this week and I scrapped at a friends house yesterday. I actually got a few cards made too, which is pretty darn good for me these days. I am pretty excited about the cards as well because I got to use some fun new stamps from KITCHEN SINK STAMPS. I will make sure to post them later this week.

Now onto cleaning up the house. Zoe is having one of her little buddies over after school today. She is really excited about it.

Have a great day whomever is out there reading :)


Danielle said...

Hi Dena! I wondered what you've been up to! Can't wait to see the "new" you...we need PICS, girl!! LOL


Terri said...

Hey Dena!! We are about to redo our shower because cleaning the tile and grout are driving me crazy - I'll look for one of those brushes. I can't wait to see the new hair cuts - I'm sure you both look great!

Leslie Ashe said...

HIIII Dena bo bena!! WOW you guys were BUSY! :) Can't wait to see pics of the new ride! So excited for you guys and your new 'do's!

I wanna see your creations too!


Brandi said...

Tile in a shower was invented by Satan! I am sure of this! LOL! Our old house had it (built in 1941--quite sure the tile was there BEFORE that! LOL!) I hated trying to get it clean and tried everything under the sun! Never actually acheived cleaness the whole 5 years we lived there! Our shower now? Solid sheets of marble! Everything just slides right off! LOL!