Friday, April 18, 2008

Five Faves Friday

Woooops! I umm kinda sorta forgot that today was Friday. The half day of school in the middle of the week kinda threw me for a loop. And without further five fave things this week:

1. What not to Wear- Stacy and Clinton freakin crack me up, the show is just beyond funny and I soo want Nick Arrojo to cut my hair!

2. Chatting with old friends-Today I had my best friend for almost half of my life down and visit and we chatted over homemade cranberry orange scones and I was lucky enough to take pictures of her little preggo belly!! Thanks Jamie for the gossip and pics!

3. Izze sparkling grapefruit juice- as if the taste isn't enough, the design on the bottle is awesome!

4. Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child books- I have read 5 of them now, 2 of which were this week and they are FANTASTIC! Suspenseful, scary and an incredible and quirky main character. My momma got me hooked for good!

5. making cards- now normally I am not a card-maker but the past 8 or so projects I have done have been cards. I have found it a fun change of pace.

Ok girls. I have a super early soccer game tomorrow! Now you all better leave me a fave or two or three ;)
Have a great weekend!


pammc said...

I have to say that Cocoa Daisy kits are on the top of my list at the moment

LoRi said...

Hey Dena! Saw your cover at Barnes and Noble the other day! I can't wait to get my copy in the mail!

Danielle said...

Hooked on cards? WOOHOO!! :)
Just wanted to pop in and say hi!