Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A Bit of Spring Cleaning

Well, I finally did it. Cleaned this pit of a scraproom out. It only took me 5 hours and multiple garbage bags of junk to get this place looking ship shape. It's not totally perfect but looking ohhh so much better and making me actually want to sit down and scrap something again. Ahhhhhh!

While I was cleaning,I tackled my enormous PILE of layouts that I have just been stacking one on top of another (instead of going with the right and organized way of ohhh putting them into scrapbooks LOL). I counted 158 layouts! Yes,that is 158 layouts that are in need of a home! I knew it was bad but I didn't think it was that bad. So I am thinking I need to go get some more albums. I was lucky enough to run across an Am Crafts album at Big Lots for only $5. But dang it if there was only 1 left. But I snagged it up and had some fun reminiscing on my floor looking at a years worth of layouts. Seeing how much Zoe has changed over the past year, how much my style has changed. It was funny how I could see where I started scrapping 8.5x11 because there was a pile of about 10-15 layouts in a row that size. I thought I would share a few that were my faves from the past year-year and a half.

Now to make the trip up to Ikea to go get some Expedit shelves. I can't wait to get them and have them put up in here and have this room user friendly!

Also..I have so much chipboard and felt that I am having a crazy hard time trying to figure out how to store it all. Anyone have any tips on how you store these large chipboard and felt pieces? HELP!!!


Danielle said...

You can just give me all your chipboard! HA Gosh, girl I LOVE your layouts!! 158, wow, that's a lot! I don't think I've done that many in my whole life. lol

Brandi said...

I have all my FP chipboard in a 12 x 12 (well it's actually slightly larger) clear plastic box. I think they are by Iris and I know Michael's carries them. I got mine at Hobby Lobby though.

Dena Simoneaux said...

oh my goodness... i love your scrapbook pages! they are awesome! you are sooo talented!!! love love love them!!!

Dena :)