Friday, April 11, 2008

Five Faves Friday

I thought I would post my five fave things of the week on Fridays. Just added incentive to keep me actively posting. So here are a few of my favorite things this week :)

1. Men In Trees- I simply adore this show. Hot men galore, fun plots, it has it all. Did I say super hot men yet LOL. If you haven't watched it yet, you had better start ASAP! Wednesday nights on ABC at 10pm PST

2. Debbie Macomber books- I just finished reading Back on Blossom Street. This whole series of books is what really sparked my interest in wanting to learn how to knit. Check out her fun website that has lists of books along with knitting patterns, recipes and more!

3. Guitar Hero III for the Wii. My family can not get enough of this game. I am trying to finish up the medium level and move on to hard. Wish me luck ;)

4. site is filled with some amazing inspiration of all sorts. I can't sing its praises enough. They have the coolest videos every Friday as well. I know if you give it a shot you will be hooked too :)

and last but not least

5. Making Memories Blog- I am sure most of you already go there. But this is one of my fave manufacturers blogs. Always updated, so many wonderful layouts and ideas and the give-aways,
do they have amazing give-aways or what!

So there is a quick rundown of some of my faves for this week.

Tomorrow I am officially a SOCCER MOM, if you can believe that. I know I can't. Zoe has her very first soccer game tomorrow. So I shall update with how it went some time this weekend. Wish her luck :) She is very nervous.

Have a great Friday and feel free to share some of your fave things with me!


Jamie & Aaron said...

My only question for you is will you be the cool soccer mom or the lame soccer mom. Of course, this is decided on by the type of half time snacks you bring. Orange wedges = lame mom. Candy = cool mom :-)

Dena Simoneaux said...

Hi Dena!
i found your blog tonight by way of Cindy Tobey's blog. and i found her blog from Auntiepea's blog. sort of a round about way of getting here.. but the reason the link on cindy's blog caught my eye is that you and I have the same name. and we even spell it the same. there are not to many of us out there with this spelling so i wanted to write to say hello and that i love your blog. been reading it... :)
thanks for the great read!

i have been a diggi scrapper for 8 years!! and i love love love it!

I am going to bookmark your blog so i can return again. i really like it!

Well chat with you soon.... oh, i almost forgot... my fav. things....hmmmm....Raindrops on roses, whiskers on kittens.... oh sorry....i started to sing the song.. lol!

love the TV show sex in the city...,i love it when i take a great photo and i wasn't even trying, i love, i love painting, i love drawing, there are lots of things... just not thinking of them right now... I'll think of some more...

Well chat with you soon,

Anabelle said...

Love the MM blog, too!!! There are so many things I love. I'd have to say that 1)Lounging around in my pajamas 2) Margaritas and Chips and Salsa 3) The beach....are my top 3.

Christine Traversa said...

Can't wait to check out the favs! Thanks!