Friday, May 22, 2009

Five Fave Fridays-The Portland Edition

So last Friday my mom, sisters and I went on a wee road trip. For my Mom's birthday (we won't mention how old she turned!) I had the idea to either take her out for a day at the spa and go get pampered or to take her to Portland for a Girls Nite Out...well Mom chose the latter.

After extensive researching and trying to find the best bang for our buck, we ended up with a hotel package at The Paramount via, which I found via If haven't checked out, do so! Tons of coupons and money saving deals and if you live in the Portland area, even better because so do the girls that run this site and they are always posting deals that are pertinent to P-town!

Anyways, it was only an over-night deal, so we didn't get to cram in as much as we wanted to. And had my mother maybe driven over the top speed of 60 mph, we might have had more time to shop LOL, gotta love my Mom. We stopped off at Bridgeport Village first, where we somehow managed to burn through 2 hours in only 2 stores. BUT Crate & Barrel and Anthropologie will do that to you. My little sister Ginger had never been to either one (totally OUT of her scope) and funny if she wasn't the one who spent the most money at both stores! These tiny little personal gravy boats found a home with me. I will treat you well little guys!

Here are some of my 5 faves from our little excursion:

#1. My girl Jeni won a GDT spot with Rose Moka-Totally off topic but deserves the #1 spot today! I threw on my cheerleading outfit and cheered this girl on when she told me she wanted to submit. I just KNEW she would make it and Jeni, I am so thrilled for you. It is always so fun and amazing to watch a friends dream come true!

#2. The Heathman Restaurant- Seriously addicted to this place. The food is simply to die for. Mom and I ate here last time we came up to Portland together and we had to take my sisters out so they could experience it as well. Because it is just that, an experience...not just a meal. While it did take a while for our food to get to our table, well you know the old adage, good things come to those who wait, it was worth every second. Plus it gave us some time to order cocktails. We all agreed that the Gin Blossom was the cocktail of the night. As for dinner: Mom and I both had the grilled Kobe beef with potatoes, shantrelles and grilled asparagus. Ging had some kind of chicken dinner that I don't remember the name of but I will from here on out, always be putting fresh tarragon on my chicken! Sasha had the hanger steak which came with this potato galette that had been cooked in duck fat and we all agreed move over Emeril with your bacon fat, duck fat is here to stay!

#3. Flying Elephants Fox Tower-Just a quick stroll from our hotel, the cutest little deli and gift shop is a hidden treasure! The smell of homemade goodies hits you like a ton of bricks as you walk through the doors. People sipping on wine, eating amazing looking sandwiches, noshing on huge salads...for a little deli, this place is full of life AND amazing treats! And while we are on the subject of treats, they have these cute little elephant shaped sugar cookies dipped in red frosting (had to pick one up for Zoe girl) Which leads us to my next faves

#4. Fran's Chocolates- It is funny to think a caramel can bring a tear to your eye, but if it is the best damn caramel you have ever had, then I suppose it isn't too crazy right? I bought a box of gray salt caramels that has made me a firm believer in all things Fran! Note to self: salt is a must on caramel!

#5. Butter Baked Goods-Another little gem that I found in Flying Elephants were these amazing looking homemade, all natural marshmallows. I bought Zoe and John some strawberry marshmallows and a big smores as well. I don't think I can ever eat a plain ol white marshmallow ever again.

#6. Jo Malone cologne- While in Portland a trip to Nordstrom's is a definite. While fondling shoes I could never afford, I caught a quick scent of something tantalizing. Enter Jo Malone: A world of scents so clean, fresh and sophisticated. Driven by something larger than ourselves, Sasha and I made our way to the Jo Malone counter and started huffing Jo Malone like it was going out of style. After giving my nostrils a good, healthy work out, I went with the Nectarine Blossom&Honey Cologne. It came all wrapped up in a beautiful box with a bow, which was delicately placed inside a beautiful bag all tied up with ribbons. Buying this cologne was an experience all in its own. One I highly recommend. With scents like grapefruit, lime basil&mandarin, pomegranate can you possibly lose?

After a night of horrid sleep, we were serenaded by our next door hotel neighbor and her bratty kids yelling and crying all damn night, we also awoke to all of our food spoiled in the non-functioning refrigerator in our room. NICE HUH! So I wept a sad farewell to my tiramisu that was not to be eaten and my mom gave the hotel staff one of her famous lectures. Of which they did nothing to fix the situation at all....So we shall NOT be staying at The Paramount again and I suggest if you are visiting the Portland area, that you do the same. Head on over to The Heathman, stay there and save yourself the walk for dinner!

I will finish with a few pictures from our trip that was cut short with a text from John saying that Zoe was very sick and he was having to take her into urgent care...ends up I have a kid with pneumonia and now a John with the same thing. Wish me luck that I don't get sick. I don't think this tiny body could make it through a nasty spell of pneumonia right now.

Farewell sweet Portland...til we meet again!


pink4u said...

WOW Dena!! I hope your family is ok! Hope they get better soon!

I loved reading about your mom's night out. Sounds like such a great time. I never get a good night sleep in hotels...ever..

Love your comment about fondling shoes..hhahahaha...
I always "visit" the shoes I can't afford! lol

Take care and hope you have a good weekend! WAIT.. I forgot...great websites in your post!!!!

Kaytee said...

Awesome photos Dena! Sounds like a lot of fun! Congrats on your Pink Paisley guest designer spot!

ania said...

Dena, you can't count! That's 6!! :P

Grats on PP! :D

Kirsty said...

Your poor family...hope they get well super fast and keep their germs to themselves!!
Sounds like a fabulous road trip!

A, J, and G said...

I love your blog! I'm glad you're back. What's w/ the Paramount? Seriously, if their crappy fridge spoiled all of your food, they should have comped part of the stay!

Oh,and I think I gained a few pounds just reading your blog. Salted carmels? YUM! I'm considering driving down to Frans tonight after Aaron gets off work to get a super size box of those.

Jill said...

Please keep your germies on your side of the planet. Thanks! LOL! Hope everyone is OK.

Davinie said...

Let's not talk about how I was at the Bridgeport village with my kiddos YESTERDAY because I really wanted to pick something up at the Container Store, and somehow totally missed that there was an ANTHROPOLOGIE there! Good grief! I am totally sick! lol Well, now I know. Next time. Do the tour. These recycling containers just irritate me now. hahahaha.

Hey chickadee. How are ya!?