Friday, February 20, 2009

FFF...with a twist

of lemon that is. Girls nite out tonite! I am feeling a good martini headed my way. Gonna go with my Mom and sisters to have some good drinks. BUT FIRST....
my 5 Faves:

#1. PBS- Thank God for PBS. It serves you well when you are 2-8 and watch Sesame Street and Electric Company...then for about 20 years you don't watch it LOL then when you are 30 you come full circle and love it again! I tivo at least 3 shows a week off of PBS. This week my favorite was Cezanne in Provence. I have a soft spot for Cezanne and am just moved by his work.

#2. This scrapbook room- I can't remember where I even found this pic or whose room it is ...I am thinking it was off Modish but am not positive. But I want to duplicate this wall!

#3. Sew Hip by Shannon Mulden- I got this idea book from C&T Publishing. It is just jam packed with all sorts of cute sewing projects that should be just right for a newb like me. I am really wanting to make some cute belts and a hand bag!

#4. Little Window Shop- One stop spot for any crafty being. First off the design of the site is ADORABLE, I love the colors and the easy navigation. It has everything from crafts, and recipes and etsy highlights... I love it and it is quickly becoming one of my every day haunts.

#5. Scrappy Fave of the Week- Now this isn't actually a scrapbooking something persay but check out this hot etsy site UMECRAFTS and tell me if her felt work is not some of the cutest and well put together felty goodness ever! Now they are just patterns, which is kinda a bummer because I know I could NEVER get mine to look this good. But there is no denying her talent! I can totally see using some of her patterns in altered art.

Ok so that is what I have for ya folks. The postman did NOT drop off my Bad Girls package so I must wait another stinkin day. UGH. I am NOT a patient person. Have a fabulous Friday!


Kirsty said...

LOL I am totally with you on the PBS theory! (except here its ABC)
Love that scrap room. My room is hideous, but I love it! Loving the felt food! Wowsers!
Love the faves as usual:)
Enjoy your night out with your mum and sisters!!

Zoa said...

I did NOT get my BG pkg either and I am ready to go storm the post office. I know they are keeping it from me while they ooh and ahh over all the goods! ;)

Love your list- thx for the idea! I am joining the ranks of Friday favs Bloggers!!! Have a Fabulous weekend and drink a cocktail for me tonight! ;)

Zoa said...

OH!!! and YES! I love love love that scraproom too!! Do people really have such a great space? If mine looked like that, I would be scared to actually use it! HAHAHA!

lizzie said...

oh yea... i'm so going to get that sew hip book!!!!
i finally posted my fff... took me long enough huh? i've been so busy with moving and unpacking this past month it's driving me crazy! but finally i think we are settled! no more moving for a while now!!

Gine !!! said...

Great fives
Jupp,,, I never watched PBS growing up...and I kind of learned to ''dislike'' it after 10 years of Barney :lol:
Now I watch it all the time

Have a great week end and have fun tonight

Nikki said...

okay Dena, u got faves are up now, lol. have a cocktail (or 2) for me, lol

Jill said...

The scrapbook room! Delish! Have some great martinis! YUM!

lizzie said...

you know what... i am starting to think that as well!!!! lol

pink4u said...

Hope you had a great time sipping martinis and shopping last night!!I LOVE Pier One...I am trying to get them to hire me! (I know where everything is!!)
Love that scraproom!Drooling..Mine is a happy mess..I will post it later on BG site...
Love your Faves!!I am also WAITING my package to come...hopefully today:)
Thanks for your sweet comments too!!
I wouldn't be doing this if it wasn't for you!!! :) Take Care!!Joanie....Did you get any goodies at Pier One???

Kimberly said...

I too, love that scrawall!