Friday, February 27, 2009


Good Grief! My computer has had a death wish I swear. My stupid mouse went on the fritz and I am only NOW able to finish my post that I had almost done yesterday LOL. So really these were on time, I swear!

So let's get down to business shall we?

#1. Eastbound and Down- The newest comedy addition to HBO is freakin HILARIOUS. You know any show that has Will Ferrell and Adam McKay as exec. producers is going to be golden. PLUS mullets galore. Between that and the crazy benders and obscenties flying out of Kenny Powers mouth, this show was meant for me.

#2. Metallica "Sad But True"- You know those songs that you hear and you are instantly sucked back in time, Sad But True does it for me. I heard it when I was picking Zoe girl up from school the other day and instantly I was transported to 1995, inside a tiny red Sprint, driving around town with my best friend Jamie, pissed off at the world. GOOD TIMES GOOD TIMES, huh Jame!

#3. Dry Soda Co.- Prepare your mouth for a whole new experience! With soda flavors such as vanilla bean, juniper berry, lavender (my fave!), lemongrass, kumquat and rhubarb...your tongue will surely thank you for trying it! Now picture a splash of lavender soda with a few fingers of vanilla vodka and a sprig of dried lavender as a garnish...and you have one of my sisters and my favorite drinks! Here are a few recipes I found off their site:

DRY Sunset

3 oz. Vanilla Bean DRY Soda

2 oz. vodka

1 oz. orange juice

1 oz. cranberry juice

Serve: bucket

Garnish: orange wedge
Half-fill a cocktail shaker with ice. Add vodka, orange juice, cranberry juice and shake well
Strain and pour over ice into glass
Add DRY Soda, stir and garnish

Twisted Coffee

3 oz. Vanilla Bean DRY Soda

1 oz. Irish Whisky

1 oz. Irish Cream

1 oz. Kahlua

Serve: chimney glass

Garnish: sugar rim

Half-fill a cocktail shaker with ice
Add whisky, Irish Cream and Kahlua and shake well
Strain mixture into prepared chimney glass over ice, add Vanilla Bean DRY and stir.

California Lavender

1 1/2 oz. Raspberry Vodka

3/4 oz. Chambord

1/4 oz. Lime Juice

5 oz. Lavender DRY Soda

Serve: Bucket

Garnish: Fresh Raspberries

Half fill a cocktail shaker with ice
Add raspberry vodka, Chambord and lime juice. Shake well.
Place raspberries and ice in glass. Add mixture from shaker.
Top with Lavender DRY Soda and stir gently.

#4. Obsidian Dawn,, Jason Gaylor and DeviantArt- If you are looking for some awesome photoshop brushes and/or fonts. These are my go to places. LOVE them all. Have yourself some fun doing some downloading today!!

#5. My Scrappy Fave of the Week- Prima cardboard! OMG this stuff if FANTASTIC. I love using cardboard in my scrapbooking and the fact that these beauties are printed makes it all the better!

Also I would like to extend an official invitation to the Bad Girls VIP kit reveal party. Swing on over to the VIP forum at 9pm PST to come chat with us, play some fun games and talk all things scrappy ;) Our kits go live at 10pm PST and I just put together the images. So I have seen the valley people and it is good!

Have a great weekend. I am going to go nosh on some Girl Scout Samosas. I am thinking those are going to be on my 5 fave list next week ;)


pink4u said...

Dena....Thinking about a quick trip to the liquor store....those drinks sound amazing...and it is Saturday night!!

I remember driving around with my BFF and being all mad at the world!! :) Funny how you forget about that as you get older!!!

See you tonight at the reveal!!(I hope)It will be midnight here..and my bedtime on the weekends is 10:30!!!( geezer)

Joanie :)
my secret code word is "lilshint"..made me laugh...where do they come up with these random word verification combos????

A, J, and G said...

OMG, Metallica and the Sprint. Good times! I still love everything from the black album. My personal favorite is Unforgiven. Good times, Good times. Hey, maybe I should roll up to your house in the sprint the next time I'm down. We could listen to a cassette tape in the sprint and maybe head to Pete's for blackberry shakes.

Anonymous said...

OMW............have been reading your blog this morning & i kept thnking I LIKE THIS GIRl...BUt when i got to the recipes with the changed to I LOVE THIS GIRL!!!!!!!!...............its decided now.....we HAVE to be friends..........never mind all the creative stuff.....the vodka just sealed it!!!!!!!!!!