Wednesday, January 21, 2009

introducing Project 52!

It is finally here, the launch of Project 52 at Bad Girls. A combined brain child of Tracie Hudson, Jeni Boisvert and Wendy Rago, Project 52 is a new blog meant to inspire you creatively. Here is some of what Wendy has to say about Project 52: "Welcome to Project 52!
Or should I have said…welcome to a whole new world of art? Because that is what you are in store for here week after week as the BAD GIRL DESIGNERS and I tantalize your senses with lots of gorgeous artistic creations that will enable you to unleash the hidden artist in you. Make no mistake…we will push the envelope…we will help you to rethink….to reinvent art…to tear it down to its bare bones, to analyze it, but most of all to set your soul free and learn how to enjoy the process…that is what art is all about. This is not a challenge Blog….this is a Teaching Blog…an Inspiration Blog if you will…and we do wholeheartedly encourage you to be inspired and then to create your own inspiration and share it with us….
My goal with Project 52 is not only to help you to be inspired, but also to help you learn how to unleash your fear. Most of the barriers that hold us back from being the best artist we can stems from that nasty little critic inside of you that taunts you every time you sit down to create….do you know who I am talking about??? The evil little voice that always convinces you that “you suck”….”just give up…you can’t create art”……”that doesn’t look good, maybe a different color would be better”….”you know you can’t work with that medium…give it up”…”what the heck are you thinking??? Are you crazy??? You can’t mix those elements and colors together” and the banter goes on and on until your soul is worn out and you truly throw in the towel….no mojo…and you stop creating….or if you keep creating, you feel unsatisfied and your art is lacking from what you truly want it to be…and why??? Because you shut down…because you are not creating from the depths of your soul….you are listening to the critic and he is winning the game. It’s time to make a change….and that is what Project 52 is here for…so roll up your sleeves and get ready to create…

So if this sounds like something you would love to check out, head on over to PROJECT 52!


Danielle said...

Sounds cool! How are you, Dena girl? Miss chatting with you! I am finally free...done with all my projects for now..phew! E-mail me if you get time!

Tracie H said...

:D Thanks for the little heads up :D
You made my day :D

Juliana said...

What a fun idea! Love the inspiration over there!