Friday, January 30, 2009


Before I start of my 5 faves list today, I have to share a little story written by none other than Miss Zoe herself. Our conversation prior to her "novel" went a little something like this.

Z- "Mom, I am going to be a writer just like Nora Roberts, you know her right?"
Me- "umm yes I know her, but what the heck do YOU think you know about Nora Roberts my dear?"
Z- "Well she is a writer AND her favorite color is PINK!"
Me (rolling my eyes)- "Now how on earth do you know her favorite color is pink?"
Z- "It just is MOM! and I want to write books just like her"
Me- "ohhh because you have read soo many of them right"
Z- "well you wont let me because they have bad words in them, but when I get older I am going to write books and they are going to have bad words in them too!"

At this point I just give up. There is no winning here. So without further adieu or editing, I give to you........
Tittle: BLOOD CASTLE (written in squiggly scary handwriting of course)
By Zoe
Rated R
Illistrated by Zoe

Dedication- To my mom who taught me to write and read and do math. She loves books!

One day Sara Robertsons lay in bed. She had a bad dream, not even a dream...a NIGHTMARE.
She did NOT(underlined 3 times!) come out of her dream. She was in Blood Castle!

She found dust all over the cielings and doors and hallways. Spiderwebs were on walls. Then mist and darkness came.

Blood Vain who was bad, took the girl into the dundeon (dungeon). As the went further, the more the light went away. Blood Vain locked Sara Robertsons in a gloomy dungeon with bars most like a jail.

The End!

What can I say to that? My kid is HILARIOUS.

Now a segue into my 5 faves:

I have 2 lists today

First my 5 faves from CHA:
#1. PRIMA PRIMA holy heck PRIMA- I have to say their releases were the BEST. While I am not wild about some of the papers, the embellishments they added this release are nothing short of spectacular. I can't list all of my faves from them but the Artistry Tins, the Flirty Little Secret line, Artful Cardboard and Donna Downey's fabric are all at the top of the list for me. And I just remembered, Wendy has some of the new DD fabric in the store right now! CHECK IT OUT!

#2. Pink Paislee-I love their new Enchanting line and the new accessories they have added to the mix. The new sticker books are at the top of my list of must haves.

#3. pictures of the Graphic 45 booth- WOW! Did they ever do an outstanding job. Their booth looks like a store I would want to shop in. And wouldn't you know, I just went over to their site and they WON Best in Show! Well deserved! Check out the photos here.

#4. Tattered Angels- I really like the look of their new Glimmer Glass. I would love to try it out!

#5. The Making Memories blog party- Making Memories throws THE BEST blog party during CHA. It is always a ton of fun, they are so generous with their giveaways and there is ALWAYS something going on. So THANK YOU Making Memories for giving those of us stuck at home something to do and a way to feel involved.

2nd list-
#1. Man vs. Wild- Bear Grylls visited none other than OREGON! Who woulda thought? He was dropped off in Hell's Canyon, which I have never been to. So it was kinda cool to see that part of Oregon. The episode had the usual eating of a rotten deer carcass and all around insanity, but was pretty cool to watch. Plus he is EASY on the eyes, if you know what I mean ;)

#2. The Undomestic Goddess by Sophie Kinsella- This is the first book of hers that I have read. And just like I knew I would, I LOVED it. The book was funny and quirky and I can't wait to get a hold on the Confessions of a Shopoholic series :)

#3. Fat Tire beer- I can't remember if I have already listed Fat Tire as a favorite but if I have then it must REALLY be one of mine LOL. A fantastic amber ale and when you add a little slice of orange, ahhhh it is pure heaven in a bottle, or glass as I drink it.

#4. yahoo radio- seriously where on earth have I been that I have not been listening to this while I am on the computer?!??! My favorites are the 80's rock, 90's alternative and every once in a while for a good laugh I hit the Power Ballads!

#5. kirin notebook blog- love the clean design she has going on over there. Great highlights and funny writing. check it out :)

Ok so my mile and half long post has come to a close. Have a fabulous and safe weekend and as always, if you posted a list today let us know! Still on the fence about participating in 5 Faves? TODAY is the day, try it out. You can do it! Think of 5 things that you loved this week or heck it could be 5 things you hated, but try it on for size. I think you will like what you see ;)


Gine !!! said...

Love your FFF...Your daughters story and the conversation is just HILLARIOUS....
My god my $$'s is going to have wings as soon as all of the new products hits the stores
AND yea I know what you mean :lol:

pink4u said...


Soooo many great faves this week...Prima, Graphic little time!!! I WANT IT ALL!! LOL!!
I've read all the Shopaholic Books and they are so funny!

I see your future novelist already has a great start!! Don't you just love kids!! :)
Enjoy your weekend!
Joanie :)

questionscrap said...

The undomestic goddess: oh yes I LOVED it! probably my favourite book (with "can you keep a secret") - I am a huge fan of Sophie Kinsella :)

Your daughter is quite a good writer too ;) and she had made illustrations too! wow! lol!

Kirsty said...

TWO lists?!?!? Man alive we got spoiled this week!

I too am a little in love with all of the Prima stuff...Luckily it will take many months to get any new stuff in Australia, so i have a while to save!

I think the only way Zoe's story could possibly be improved is by throwing a few bad words in there;) LOL

Nikki said...

omg, zoe is hysterical!!!! i was laughing so hard!!!!

domestic goddess said...

your DD's story, hilarious!
Loving teh five fav's have bookmarked Kirins blog
have a great weekend hunny xxx

Kathleen said...

Oh yes, love love love Prima!! Been eying off their sneak peaks on their blog and I want it all!!

The Graphic 45 booth does look fabulous - oh i hope one day I can go to CHA!! Better start working on hubby...he's pretty good to me, though, Im going over east to Brisbane this year for the Scrap expo there (think thats about as big as it gets in Oz) - can't wait!


PS. Sounds like you have a very imaginative daughter ;)

Kathleen said...

Ok done! Just posted my 5 things, really a great way to sum up the week :)

Debbie ♥ ♥ ♥ said...

Great Faves!!!! Have you ever seen Ax Men.....the show about loggers filmed in Oregon? Love the show and we know a couple of the guys! I'm with ya on the Prima & G 45. Can't wait to get some in my hands!! I would love to have my house decorated in some of that G 45 paper!! I think Zoe is a great creative writer!

ania said...

*snicker* Nora her books when Amalie was a baby...didnt have scrapbooking back then in the beginning! :P I am starting to realize you're really into beer eh :)