Friday, December 12, 2008

Five Fave Fridays

I swear I thought today would never come. What one long, sluggish, draggy sort of week. Yet in the midst of it all, I did manage to find some great on with the show!

#1. If I need a recipe the first place I head not but allrecipes. User friendly, can find just about anything and everything there and I found 2 gems this week.
First up is the BEST blondies ever. So easy to make and oh so sweet and tasty!
Next is a great sugar cookie recipe. I am the Queen of Crappy Sugar Cookies, but this one turned out fantastic.
Check those recipes out next time you are in a cooking mood!

#2. the 2009 Dodge Challenger- I am in love with a car. My lil sis Ging can attest to this. She was in the car with me when I drove by and saw this gorgeous work of art at the car lot and about crashed. If only Santa loved me enough to have one of these wrapped up in the driveway on Christmas morning!

#3. Hashbrowns with sausage gravy- this is my favorite breakfast. I could eat it every day without tiring of it. I am not much of a breakfast type of person, but throw some sausage into the mix and I am all over it.

#4. Paper and Stitch blog- along the same lines as my other faves- scoutie girl, designmom and modish, Paper and Stitch highlights all kinds of cool handmade goods, has awesome give aways and is fun to spend a good half hour at! Check out each of these sites when you have a good spare hour to kill because ALL of them have GIGANTIC giveaways going on right now!

#5. Scrappy Fave of the Week-there is something to be said about a good vintage trim. I love lacy frilly trims. I just can't seem to get enough!

So that is is that for this week!
TOMORROW the Graphic 45 blog will be featuring the Bad Girls Design Team. This month the Bad Girls Kit was full of Graphic 45 shabby goodness. So stop on by and see all the wonderful things that both Bad Girls and Graphic 45 have to offer!

Now I have to go make myself pretty for the Alcan Christmas party. Wish me luck, cause I am going to need it tonight!


lizzie said...

omg great faves!!!
that paper and stitch blog is way cute!!!

Kirsty said...

That car is PRETTY! I think I might need to be veeeeeery nice to Santa LOL

A, J, and G said...

How was the christmas party?

dancewithjoy said...

Oh no dear sister!!! That car is mine....all mine - muawahahahhaaa.

Anonymous said...

I hope Santa can fit that gorgeous car under the tree for you!

Love the faves this week!! Especially all the great Blogs :)
Hope you had fun at the party!
Joanie :)

Is your new car going to be red????

ania said...

Whoops!! You know your treat might work against the purpose cause I woudlnt mind you hoppin on a plane all over here!!! :D :D :D Smooth car, LOVE the shine and color -- think Santas love can be shared??? :P

:corinne: said...

Love your Friday faves. Great car my Dh loves them too. They're sweet lookin if you ask me. :) Hope you're doing well. I haven't forgotten about your page.