Friday, December 5, 2008

Five Fave Fridays Baby!!!

Ohhh dear 5 Fave Fridays, how I have missed thee. Heck I can't remember the last one I posted, and what better post than today my 100th blog post. I never thought I would make it this long. You know, being a serial blog killer and all...

So here it goes

#1. Anna Maria Horner and this crazy cute dress pattern: her blog has been such an inspiration to me the past few months. I find myself stopping over there daily just to see if she has posted any new yumminess and I am totally lusting over her new book!

#2. another dress but we gotta have some shoes thrown in as well. Anthropolgie- if I was only allowed to shop at one store for the rest of my life...this would be it. I totally want to rock this dress and these amazing shoes. Ohhh to dream!#3. I have a thing for scarves and my latest find on etsy has me drooling and no doubt you will too. I present to you FRAY and this scarf that I desperately wish I could make! Every scarf in her shop is a piece of art, without doubt. Check her out!#4. Brownie edges- John's birthday was a few days ago and he requested brownies. The funny thing is he doesn't like the edges and I ADORE the edges. So around here a brownie pan always has it's center missing while I take a week to eat all the edges and corners. How can you NOT like the edges?!?!

#5. Scrappy Fave of the Week-Jenni Bowlin crepe ribbon. Jenni just comes up with the most beautiful scrapbooking products. This ribbon is so versatile and fun to play with. I really want to get some of those cute journaling tags as well!

So it feels good to be back on the 5 Faves wagon again. Did you post today? if so hook me up ok! I would love to read some lists!

and I can't forget to say

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BREE! My friend for 26 years now! Which just sounds crazy. Love ya!

I just had to come back here and say my kitchen literally cried when it saw these cuties!! It wants them, I just know it!


pink4u said...


OMG!!! LOVE all of the gorgeous goodies you picked out this week!!*** Drool***Anthropolgie is one of my favorite places to shop..when I am allowed to...
Love the etsy shop with the scarves too!!
I have to admit, the edges of brownies ARE the BEST part!!! YUM!!
Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy!
Joanie :)

N, Kelly, D, E and Zoe said...

Dena how I have missed you! I'm so glad you're back. With great stuff.

LOVE LOVE LOVE the scarf. That is absolutely beautiful without being overstated. Excellent taste my friend.

Brownie edges? I'm with John. They aren't the best part.

Those paper ribbons? Beautiful. Someday, when the munchkin is in college, I'll be able to scrap again!

Have a fabulous weekend friend.


domestic goddess said...

so good to see you back Dena, you ahve me hooked on FFF!!!
Love, love the scarf!!!
hugs and have a lovely weekend xxx

Kirsty said...

I Looooove the dress and shoes!!!!!!

Yeah,I'm with John, the centre is the BEST!

Good to see you back my lovely blog buddy!

pammc said...

glad to see the 5 favs back. I didn't post any today but am doing some Christmas memories on mine - come visit. Funny about #1 fav - seems I sent you something about that this morning. :)

ania said...

LOVE your taste in clothings!! :D :D AnD I'm SO with you on the crepe-paper1!! :D

A, J, and G said...

You're back! Well, I must say that I am not a fan of the brownie edges. So, I guess that makes you and John a perfect couple. The Ying to his Yang. Now that I think about it, you are also a crispy fry lover and I adore the soggies. I forgot how were were the perfect McDonalds couple!

And what's even more fun?! Ordering them while driving backwards thru the drive thru :-)

Sasha said...

Umm that scarf is FIERCE love it.

Juliana said...

Love that Fray scarf! I would love to try to make something like that!

Nikki said...

i love those shoes!!!! great faves, as always!!! I finally did my 1st friday faves, it was fun si i'll be doing it again next friday!

Nikki said...

no way...never owned a robe???? u NEED to own this one! it's the most amazing thing ever. my daughter even tries to steal it from me, she thinks its a blanket, lol

Danielle said...

These are all so beautiful! My goodness!! How are ya doing??