Friday, November 7, 2008

Five Faves Friday....the late night edition

Ok so I am barely sneaking in my list at the last moment here BUT I have made it at least.
let's start the list off right with:

#1. Russell Stover Urban Modern World Chocolates- Wendy AKA Miss Bad Girl herself sent everyone on the Bad Girls DT some fabulous treaties. And this box of chocolate was among those. Not only are these chocolates BEAUTIFUL to look at (I felt bad even eating one) but they come in an amazing array of flavors such as Grapefruit Ganache, Pistachio Nougatine and my favorite...Key Lime. OH and the box is brilliantly designed! Seriously, this box of chocolates would make a fabulous gift or stocking stuffer for the chocolate lover in your life! or for yourself ;)

#2. Apple-Peartini's- YUMMO! This week I went out for lunch and martini's with my Mom and I had a LOJITO (which was like a mojito but had this lemongrass-lime soda) and some super tasty garlic mushrooms and a french dip. Well after we had our drinks, John and Zoe wanted to go out to dinner, so we went to McMenamin's and I had my fave drink there, an apple-peartini. And man are they ever good. McMenamin's makes their own pear brandy and it is to die for delicious.

#3. Fave song on Guitar Hero World Tour- They have THE CULT! I actually think that this Guitar Hero is the worst one yet, like they didn't even try on this one. But there is a nice mix of music. I will give them that...Sting, TOOL!! YES TOOL!, but I am having fun rocking out to The Cult. We haven't gotten all the songs yet, so I am excited to see what else may be up their sleeves. Like we know HOT FOR TEACHER is on there. Anywho, just glad to see some love for my boys.

#4. A few bands that Zoe girl and I have been listening to are Avenged Sevenfold (Zoe loves the song Bat Country), Killswitch Engage, she is all about Mudvayne right now too LOL (crazy kid) and one of the house faves CLUTCH.

#5. Scrappy Fave of the week- C&T Publishing products. Now what is C&T you might be asking yourself right now. Well, the mainly deal with all things quilt related BUT they do create awesome Blank Board Books and alterable items. Plus they just started a new blog as well. Check out my side bar for the link :)

I just wanted to add that I am super excited about how many people are hopping aboard the Five Faves train!
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So just as a reminder...if you are 5 Faves Fridaying it and want to be added to the list, please leave a post ok. Cause part of the fun of posting the lists is READING other peoples lists :)

Have a great weekend all!


foxylady said...

o my gosh deena you have way classy five favs.... But always love them. Those choccys look set to die for. LOL

Sigmagirl said...

Dena!!! Thanks for the shout out! I love your list. Gotta check out those bands. Have a great weekend!


pink4u said...

Hi Dena!
Love your list this week... chocolates, drinks, music, and scrapping....sounds PERFECT to me!!...oh my..those chocolates are beautiful!!...almost too pretty to eat!
*I want to say THANK-YOU so much for all the wonderful comments you left me on my Blog... :) I am so happy to be a part of this fun "Friday Fave" list!
(((HUGS))) Joanie :)

Nikki said...

ohhh, those chocolates look YUMMY! great list as always. I've got to remember to do this on fridays, i'm such a scatterbrain, lol

Leslie Ashe said...

I have to TRY those chocolates!!!
YUM! Love your Friday Faves - you got me stuck doing them now too! LOL!!

I am checking out your bands today!

I wanted to get that new GH - tell me, is it worth it???

Oh and yes --- you MUST get the Twilight CD! I love it. Listen to it first to see if you like any of the songs. I am a BIG Paramore fan so of course I'm on board!! Linkin Park's there too.

Have fun at your crop!

Oh! Alan made me an apple martini- yum!

Audrey Pettit said...

Always enjoy your lists, Dena! The drinks talk is making me salivate! lol!

Kirsty said...

Mmmmmm cocktails....

Look at all the fave followers! You go girl, you started something here!