Friday, November 14, 2008

5 Fave Fridays!

THANK GOD IT IS FRIDAY! This felt like the week that would NEVER END! I am in some desperate need of sleep people. We have new neighbors next door and I am guessing it is a bunch of college age kids or something because whomever it is, has like 3 0r 4 cars there at all times and they are coming and going at all hours. Like 3:30 am this morning when they were outside laughing and talking as loudly as possible. Seriously 3:30?!?! I can tell that John is going to have one of his awesome freak outs within the week.

Ok enough of my rant, on to the 5 good things this week:

#1.- Get Smart and Kung Fu Panda- John brought home both movies this week and I loved both of them! I really really liked Get Smart way more than I thought I was going to. It was pretty dang good. And the Rock, well he is a feast for the eyes.

#2.- I am seeing some SUN! Ahhhh the blessed sun and we have more days ahead of us. This is big people. Big for Oregon.

#3.- Here are a couple of blogs I have been loving lately:

#4.-This fabulous purse! I have been eyeing this baby for months now and DesignMom is having a giveaway for guess what purse?!?!?!?!!!!

#5.- Scrappy Fave of the Week-Making Holiday Gifts. So far I have made 1 birdhouse ornament, a banner, a table centerpiece, a holiday recipe box, several cards and a huge Christmas Idea Center. It has been a busy craft week here at the ol homestead.

Ok I shared mine, now you share yours!

Enjoy your weekend everyone.


Davinie said...

I was thinking about you today my sweet so had to check out your five things for the week. I sent a little of that sun your way today, m'dear. You're welcome. I'm trying to stick it to you for the weekend but I can't promise you anything.

pink4u said...

Great Faves Dena!
Not so good about the neighbors though....I hope it settles down over there so you can sleep!
I am loving all the Bad Girl Goodies you have going on over have been busy!
Hope the sun shines all weekend for you!!!
Take Care!!!
Joanie :)

LoRi said...

Get Smart was cute. I just got that from NetFlix. Haven't seen Kung Fu Panda yet. Glad you have some sunshine. We get plenty next door to you in Idaho! Love the purse. You need that!!
My faves are up too! Have a great weekend. I'm going to make some gifts too!

Kirsty said...

Oh man...noisy neighbours YUCK! We are so neighbours AT ALL!
You are more than welcome to our sun..its jolly hot here at the moment!!
How good is Kung Fun Panda??? I haven't seen get smart yet..I am going to try to watch it this weekend.
Oh, and 'cuppas' = cup of coffee/tea:-)

Audrey Pettit said...

I knew I wanted to pop over and check out your Friday Faves, girl! I look forward to them each week. Seriously!

Shanna said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE that purse girl! Wink!

Leigh said...

Great list!
I picked up Kung Fu Panda on Wed, but am saving it for an advent gift for my kids. I'd like to see Get Smart, too.
I hope you win the purse!

Brandi said...

LOL! You would hate living by us then--We have SIX cars! LOL!

Nura Keif said...

I love the purse!! Not much going on here. We watch HSM3 few weeks ago.
Have a great week ahead my dear!! Miss you:-D

Sasha said...

Love that purse girl .. hope your weekend was great. Love the faves. Kung Fu Panda kicked booty and so did Get Smart it was a great story line.


missusem said...

You have nice good things.. :) Hope you have a great week ahead..

Danielle said...

Can't wait to see your projects you've been working on! Hey~ send a bit of sun our way...supposed to be in the 30s the next 10 days and I'm just so not ready for this yet! I haven't seen those movies yet, will have to check them out.

Renee Lamb said...

great faves! I am a BIG fan of Kung Fu Panda...probably my all time fave movie behind Madagascar...and am biting at the chomp to see M2. Get Smart was hilarious too! Steve Carrell is a hoot - love him in the Office....anyway...hope your neighbors ease up before anyone has a "freak out" with them! LOL - but totally can understand how annoying that would be - good luck with them! *wink*

scrappermimi said...

Just lovin' that purse too! Good luck!!!Hope you have gotten a little sleep.

Audrey Pettit said...

Hey girl! Just gave you an award on my blog! ;)

Dena Simoneaux said...

hi Dena!!
how are you? I tagged you on my blog... come and see!


sPaRkLiNg sCrApBoOkS said...

Hey Dena!!!
OMG, my friend Melanie told me about Bad Girls (where the heck have I been, and how did I miss that site! I LOVE IT!) and there you were on the DT!!!! I'm oredering my first kit next month! I'm already addicted I think! Anyways,I had to say hi and I'm so happy I found your blog!! Hope you have a wonderfulThanksgiving.
P.S. Brett has the Jets in first place! :) xOxO deb

Debbie ♥ ♥ ♥ said...

Hi Dena, great faves this week!!! I have ya linked on my blog!! Hope you & your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

pepsigirl said...

AWEsome favs Dena! LOVE that purse! I gave you a Kreative Blogger award...details on my blog. ;)