Monday, October 20, 2008

Seriously, I HATE Mondays!

I can't remember the last time I had a good Monday! ughhhh. So if you can't tell I am in a crappy mood LOL.

But I guess a good thing is that the latest Design Experiment is up today and it was my turn to come up with the prompt. Wanna hear it? It's a good one! Here it goes:

Can you think back to five years ago? What was your life like then? Who were you as a person? Do you think that person from five years ago would recognize who you are now? That's what this week's challenge is all about!Sometimes it's hard to live in the now. To be aware and thankful of all the wonderful things around us right now. The days fly by so fast and memories seem to fade just as quickly.

So our challenge is to write a letter to your future self to be opened in 5 years.

This letter could be a reminder of all the wonderful things that you have in the here and now, a list of things you would like to have, or where you think you will be in 5 years from now. Just make it real, make it heartfelt, just make it you.

Our Guest Designer this week is Jenn Olson and her layout is truly stunning! I have been a huge fan of her work for a LONG time now.

Here is my layout, I used all Webster's Pages products minus the green gaffer tape ribbon BUT if you look hard enough the green lace by the butterflies is the NEW Webster's Trim!

I hope that you all come check out the blog and are inspired to play along with us!

In some other scrappy news, Jessica Sprague is starting up a new FREE class on her website. I love her work, her designs, they way she tells her story and this class is called Stories In Hand. Check out her blog for the details, registration starts TODAY!

And last but not least, the beautiful Dani Flanders tagged me on her blog today.

(The your tagger and list these rules on your blog. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs. Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.)

#1. I think I hate peanut butter. My family eats it on EVERYTHING. Every morning Zoe wants either pancakes or french toast with peanut butter and syrup. I have made this so often, that every time I open the jar of peanut butter, I gag.

#2. I long to write the great American romance novel! I love reading them and have wanted to take a shot at writing one for years now. But I feel like any writing skills I may have possessed at one time are LONG gone now. One can dream though, right?

#3. I have turned into a hermit. At one point in my life, I had tons of friends. Had something to do all the time. Now I am lucky if I see one other adult human being more than one time a week. It is sad really.

#4. I never had Sr. pictures taken. I am not the most photogenic person and I was afraid that they would turn out horrid and ugly, so I never got them. I am now wishing that I would have.

#5. I have never seen a James Bond movie ever. And I really don't feel that I am missing out on anything. Oh and I have never seen any of the Rocky movies. John tells me that the first one is really good, I refuse to watch it.

#6. In high school, my friend Jamie and I used to go thru all the drive thru's in our town in reverse. We thought it was totally HILARIOUS too. God what dorks we were LOL.

#7. One of my biggest regrets is never finishing college. I want to go to design school and I can't believe how stinkin much it costs. I think I need to win the lottery to ever be able to go.

So there are my random 7 facts, I am going to tag: Leslie, Brandi, Jamie, Jeni, Lori Renn, Audrey and Corinne.

Well I hope you all have a better Monday than I am having. I have a pit I call a scraproom I have to clean before I get lost in here. Have a great day!


:corinne: said...

Hey girlie, thanks for tagging me. I can't believe you don't like PB. One of my faves...I can take a spoon right out of the jar and eat it. Yummy. Oh and I think you should still try & right your American Romance Novel. It's never too late...and plus you can always have a professional writer help you. that's how all the celebrities do it when they're getting books published.

Amy Coose said...

I can't believe you don't like PB either???? I couldn't live without it! Love learning all about you, and you already know I love your LO!

Christine Traversa said...

So fun to read your answers! Sorry I have been a slacker in visiting! Miss you! ct

Brandi said...

LOL! I think Peanut Butter is the only thing keeping me alive right now! Seriously! It's the only thing that doesn't make me gag! LOL! I've never seen an Rocky movies either or any Star Wars/Trek whatever! I have seen most of the 007 movies though!

You know I suck at fulfilling my tags on my blog so don't hold your breath! LOL! You might die!

Kirsty said...

I love your LO and the prompt! I think I may just give this one a try:-)

EWWWW, I HATE PB too. I hate the smell, the feel, the taste. Yucky!!!

I haven't seen Rocky either...or The Godfather (both 'must sees' in Dh's opinion) but I like me some mindless James Bond...

I think you would rock at a novel. I love the way that you write!

Danielle said...

You DID play along! How fun to read your answers! I think you have terrific writing skills, I can't never think of what to write on my blog...nothing much happens to me around here! I'm like you...Never see too many adults these days. LOL I love your prompt for DesignX - What a cool idea and beautiful layout!!

Audrey Pettit said...

You are too funny, girl! Sorry you hate Mondays, but I love that you just come right out and say it! And I loved reading your random little facts about yourself. I am definitely going to have to put my thinking cap on for this one! Seriously!
Love your challenge page, too. Such a cool idea and I love your design with the Webster's stuff. I finally just used the yummy trim for the first time and am in love with it.
Have a great day!

Leslie Ashe said...

HEY gorgeous! How's it going? Gosh I feel like I haven't talked to you in ages!!!!

Ok silly - I'll work on that taggy (and how in the world do you NOT like PB? GAH! LOL) That's the same one Amy W sent me too...hahahaha!!

Hey your layout is GORGEOUS!!!!!
I love it!!
I can't stop looking at it!!

HUGS to you!
(bwahahaha my word verification says: mcuta like..i'm cute uh...) LOLOLOLOL

pink4u said...

I am so going to do this prompt..your layout is beautiful...Looks like a great project for me today!!

Thanks !! Hope today is better than Monday!!heeehehe..

tammy kay said...

i haven't told you lately that I love you, have I?

Well, I do!


ania said...

Lol..I think I know what you mean w/#2, I used to be darn good in Norwegian at school, but that' and....years and years and years ago :p

LoRi said...

Hey beautiful Dena!! Got your tag. Playing catch up today! xo

LoRi said...

Wow, that is deep. Five years ago I was living in Arizona with two elementary school boys and one two week old newborn. I would have never thought that five years later I would have three amazing sons (all with autism!) and be living in Idaho! Crazy stuff.

pink4u said...

Dena....Hope you are ok...we haven't heard from you in awhile.
Just wanted to let you know I am thinking about you~

Have a great week!!
Joanie :)