Friday, October 3, 2008

Five Faves Friday

Pheww! I have been on the move all morning long! ACK.
Ok so here is my 5 fave this week

1. Pushing Daisies season premeire- I have been hoping and praying this show would come back for a second season. John and I weren't sure if it would or not because it is just so quirky and unlike anything else on television. So we were both happy to see it back on for season number two. I love everything about this show! If you haven't watched it but are a fan of quirky shows ala Northern Exposure meets Tim Burton try it!

2. Pacifica Hawaiian Ruby Guava perfume-I got a new smiff today! woo hoo. You may remember my post about the Italian Blood Orange perfume. Well I officially ran out of perfume this morning. So after coffee with some friends this morning we went down to Cellar Doors and I switched it up a bit and got the Hawaiian Ruby Guava. I hope I like this one as much as I loved the last. If not, then I guess I can always go back and get my good ol stand by!

3. Irish Cream Lattes- Had a huge one this morning in one of those huge cute coffee mugs. I always feel so European whilst drinking from them. Every time I order a latte, this is what I get and I can't think of a better way to start the day.

4. The ability to BREATHE FREELY- After the flu virus from HELL, I am thankful to be able to breathe from my nose today. Seriously! I had a rough couple of days and am so happy to be feeling better.

5. Scrappy Fave of the Week-PURGING! I have purged some scrap goods that my friend Pam is selling today at a garage sale. It feels great to be rid of a HUGE pile of scrap stuff that has been sitting packaged in my room for over a YEAR now. I think it has been 2! And as I look here at the pile that is my scraproom, I see that I need to RE-purge. Cause you always seem to forget just how good it feels to declutter.
That is my list, what's yours? Link me up!


Kirsty said...

Oh sweetie! I hear you on being able to breathe through your nose! How much does being stuffed up BITE!?!?
I really want to see Pushing Daisies...I don't think its been on over here yet!

ania said...

Oooh....Pushing Daisies...*takes notes*..sounds good about the Tim Burton part, I'll keep it on my to-watch-list then :D And Irish Cream Lattes?? I love Irish Cream....lattes - does that mean it's the non-alcoholic version then uh? :P Glad youre well!! :D

LoRi said...

Hey Dena, my five faves are up too! So glad you are able to breathe freely now! I have never seen Pushing Daisies but I will get in on DVD one of these days and watch while scrappin'. Irish Cream lattes, yum! I like them if they make them with half the syrup otherwise they are too sweet. You know I'm already naturally too sweet! LOL

pammc said...

Good ones for this week, Dena. Mine are up today.

pink4u said...

I am so glad you are feeling better...That virus is making the rounds...
I need to check out Pushing Daisies... the previews are so cool!!
You motivated me to clean out my scrap goodies..or at least organize them better. I really like how it turned out!! Dena...thanks so much for the really sweet message you left on my Blog!! And really need those shoes..I got them at Ann Taylor..on sale :) Take Care and have a great healthy week!! :)

LoRi said...

Oh and Dena my dear, I saw your amazing layout in the latest Somerset Memories!! Awesome my friend! That is one of my faves. I'm going to be in the Feb/March issue! How cool is that?

Lisa Ellsworth-Johnson said...

oh my god - Cameron LOVES pushing daisies - and I make fun of him endlessly about it!!!!!

I hope you are feeling much better.

Miss you,