Friday, October 15, 2010

Winner Winner...Chicken Dinner!

How fun was that ever so long blog hop?!? Did you guys have a great time??? I know that all of us on the Scarlet Lime Design Team did...

and now for my winner......
Drum Roll Please.... dddttdtdttdtdtdttdtddttdttdtdtdttdtdttdtdttdtdtdttddtttttt

My winner of the Nov MAIN KIT is none other than Miss Romy:

Romy said...

Huuuuge congrats to you! And thanks so much for the opportunity to win.
October 2, 2010 1:57 AM

Hooooorayyyyy Romy! If you will email me at denaandzoe@msn (dot) com I will forward your shipping information on over to Christy!

But WAIT.....
Guess what else I have in store for you all today! ANOTHER BLOG HOP! This time it's for Webster's Pages. I have worked me fingers to the bone, as well as the other Webster's putting together a WonderFALL blog hop. And it all starts right HERE! So hurry scurry on over and have a great time participating in it :)


Friday, October 1, 2010

Testing, this thing on?

hellooo hellooooo testing 1.2.3.....

yes, I know. Worlds worst blogger here. To both of you who may be left out there wondering what the heck happened to me and my poor, life has happened. I just haven't had the time nor the desire I suppose to get on here and post for ohhhh say the past 6 months. But hopefully this will be the start of something new. The Return of Organized Chaos...

And what better way to make a comeback than with a blog hop! That's hop. Scarlet Lime is having it's new kit release today and we are adding some amazing new design team members, so we are ready to celebrate and ummm GIVE things away....Like perhaps the new October Main Kit in my instance! Check it out:

So how about you all leave a me a kind vote of confidence that I can indeed make more than one blog post in the next 6 months and why you need this Scarlet Lime kit. I will draw a winner later this month!

Now you aren't stuck with only my blog,you have a bevy of other blogs to go visit.

Valerie Salmon
Savitri Wilder
May Flaum
Mimi Leinbach
Lori Jolley
Melanie Jarocki

Happy Blog Hopping and here is to the Return of My Blog.
*I think I can, I think I can, I think I can*