Friday, April 9, 2010

Can't believe my own eyes!

Yep not 1, not 2, but 3...yes 3 posts in a month!
Gonna make it short and sweet though.

Any local readers, tonight is Annual Bingo Night at Fullerton IV Elementary School. Food is being served at 5:30 pm. Your choice of either pizza or hot dog for $1.50. Soda is 50¢. Snacks and Chips- 75¢
Bingo Cards are $5 each. You can play them all night long.

We have over 20 baskets ranging from:
Mom's Night In- with a signed edition of Jodi Picoult's newest book, an 1 1/2 hr massage, 3 different gift certificates, chocolates, a teapot and more. valued at over $150
Diary of a Wimpy Kid- a signed edition of the first book, a customizable Wimpy Kid t-shirt, a Wimpy Kid Do It Yourself book
American Girl- The American Girl Doll of the Year "Lanie" with 3 Lanie books. Valued over $125
can't have Bingo Night without a.....
Twilight Lover's- for all those Twilight Lovin girls...the new Twilight in the Forks book, Edward puzzle, Twilight game and more

Other baskets include:
2- Scrapbooking, Coffee Lovers with a Keurig $175 coffeemaker, Family Movie Night, Mama Mia Italian Kitchen with signed Ina Garten cookbook, Webkinz, Nerf-o-Blaster, Shootin Hoops and many many more.

You KNOW you wanna come!

and for some of the best news I have gotten this year, is this announcement at Little Dreamer Designs! I was literally floored when I got the email from Michelle saying that I was one of the 25 girls that were chosen. Jeni B. and I were chatting away on the phone when I opened my email and voila, there it was, then we both started screaming because she had gotten one too....and well I was acting like a ridiculous 13 yr old..giggling, screaming, was lame, but I am really excited about it...until I saw the competition. HOLY COW, I am in wayyy over my head because these other girls obviously know what the heck they are doing and I am literally clueless..
But here is my FREE kit called Little Boy Blue. You can download it here!
And here is my sneaker:

So feel free to download it, use it and you can post your layouts, cards, projects etc.. to the LDD gallery for a chance to win a gift certificate!

While you are at it, go check out Jeni B's super cute and funky kit "Runaway" ...yep, now try to get Bon Jovi out of your head now LOL...oooohhhh she's a little runaway...

It rocks huh! So Jeni and I are going to close our eyes, take a huge deep breath, cross our fingers and toes and hope to God we don't make fools of ourselves LOL. We are going to dork and CRAXY things up over at LDD. So stay tuned!

Now on to a huuuge long day!

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