Monday, August 3, 2009


It's ALIVE ALLLLLLIVEEEEE! Seriously, I can't even believe that I only managed 4 measly posts in the month of July. I should officially be banned from blogging.

But today I will try to redeem myself just a wee bit. Jeni and I were feeling the need to create and thought that it was time again for another {644.5} Challenge!

The challenge this week was to: Go outside, close your eyes, spin around 5 times and take a picture. YOU HAVE TO SCRAP IT, no matter how AWFUL or STUPID it was.

So I threw on my flip flops, stumbled around in a circle with Zoe watching with a curious WTH look on her face through the dining room window and ended up with............a picture of the side of my house. First instinct:"What on earth am I going to do with this?" Second "OMG, I know exactly what I want to do!" and here is what I came up with:

The window at the side of my house is my scrapbook room. Filled to the brim with crap right now, well this little hole is where my ideas come to life. Where I put them down on paper, or canvas or heck....photoshop and express what I feel creatively.

I went the digital route this time because it feels like eons since I have scrapped a digital layout. I used this fabulous woodgrain paper that I got for a whopping 33 cents at the Little Dreamer Designs sale! Used a Rhonna Farrer circle brush and some House of 3 brushes that I got from taking Jessica Sprague's Photoshop class.

So there you have it! need to go check out what Jeni has in store today! I haven't seen it myself yet (we decided to make it a surprise for each other today), so I am anxious to see what creative work of art she put together. Head on over to her blog and say HI!

I WILL be back later this week with some more layouts and maybe a few John back surgery updates as well.

Have a fabulous Monday!